Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Because it's My Favorite : :

Yesterday I cut into my new bundle of Art Gallery Fabrics' Denim Prints! Right away there was one print, Painterly Wash, that stood out to me amongst the group. This sweet floral is delicate and quiet looking, and at first glance I didn't notice all of it's color. But as I added each of the Solid Smooth Denims that coordinate alongside it, I realized just how pretty & colorful it is!

Painterly Wash and Solids

After writing about the wonderful freedom I was feeling from not having a stack of Etsy orders to work through, I still couldn't decide what to make! For weeks now my mind has been so occupied with Nightfall Quilt Market sewing that I couldn't reach a decision and so, I chose to make something that I knew I'd enjoy, because it's still my very favorite -- a Herringbone Quick Quilt As You Go project!

So Happy!

It's been quite a while since I had a working Oliso Pro Iron and I have to say, I have truly missed it! I've been using my old Black & Decker cheapy since my last Oliso suddenly quit working, I think due to my town tap water. The difference in the speed, press, and steam was obvious right away. I'm so happy to have a new one!

I wasn't sure if I was going to make a quilt or pillow when I started this new Herringbone QAYG, but as I was working on my first two panels I decided just what to make with all my pretty denim next,


Denim Herringbone

Denim Pillow Top

Denim Herringbone Pillow

I decided to make just one big denim pillow featuring Painterly Wash and I LOVE how turned out! It's an 18" bound cover, but I much prefer how full it looks with an oversized 20" pillow insert! Isn't it pretty? After it was completely finished I moved right on to that next denim plan, still my go-to quilt as you go but with a twist this time!

Denim QAYG

It's off to a pretty cool looking start, don't you think? It's been quite a little while since I attempted a project like this one and I'm completely winging it! If it all works out, I'll have a new QAYG to share Monday, maybe with a pattern to follow!

♡ Maureen


  1. Lovely fabric and the herringbone quilt and pillow are so pretty.

  2. The pillow and blocks look fabulous.Yummiest collection.

  3. It's beautiful -- I love your QAYG projects, so bring it on! :)

  4. Love be the random look and the fabric is fab!

  5. Love your gorgeous pillow. I also like to use bigger form to make my pillows beautifully plump. Looking forward to seeing more of your quilt. Love where this is going, all those denims are stunning together.

  6. I really enjoy seeing your projects. You have a wonderful way of mixing patterns and colors.

    As for your iron, from what I have been reading the best water source should be filtered. Tap water can have too many minerals and distilled water not enough. Use water from your refrigerator if you are lucky enough to have the water dispenser and you use a filter or perhaps one of the carafes which filter.

  7. Blue is my favourite colour and I love that Painterly Wash in the alternate stripes. Looking forward to Monday and your new project :)

  8. I really like the muted colors in your new project, can't wait to see it finished. The pillow of course is stunning.

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  10. This denim and your projects look beautiful!

  11. Can't wait to see how the new project turns out!

  12. Maureen, your generosity and these fabrics are fantastic. It is fun just looking at all your designs. I honestly don't know where you get the patience to do such lovely work! I have liked and commented on your Facebook page. xxxxx

  13. great pillow the binding really gives it such a professional finish, thanks for the tote bag link too have downloaded it

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