Tuesday, May 31, 2016

A Fresh Start : :

After a busy, long weekend, and a completely overloaded month preparing for my trip to Quilt Market, today feels a little unusual for me. Many of you may not know that a typical "work day" for me begins and ends with my Etsy shop -- responding to each of the custom order requests I receive, filling those orders, packaging, shipping, etc... Making my Birthday Crowns has been the better part of this sewing gig for me for the past couple of years now. All the fabric designing, pillow & quilt making, and blogging I share here is the counterbalance, and in many ways has been the brighter side of my work. I've made so many crowns that I'm officially feeling burnt out and ready for a break. Maybe for just a little while, possibly forever, I'm not certain just yet. Since urgently opening my Etsy tab immediately after seeing the kiddos off to school has been my norm for so long, today feels new and different. While I certainly hope to continue with my Etsy shop success, from here on I hope that will be from selling the things I really, really want to make -- pillows & quilts! I'm currently offering several of my quilts for sale and will continue to add many of the things I make to share here to my shop. It's all pretty exciting! So today, before deciding what to make next rather than having it already decided for me, I'm taking a little time to enjoy the excitement, relaxation, and spontaneity ahead of me!

I'm feeling very inspired after finally reading Big Magic! Have you read it?

Big Magic!

I'm deliberating before deciding what to do with the last of my pretty Nightfall strike offs!

Nightfall Bundle

Nightfall Strike Offs Bundle

I'm planning a fun Friday Giveaway for my friend Amy's wonderful new book, Intentional Piecing!

Intentional Piecing

I'm elated to have a working Oliso Pro Smart Iron once again!

Oliso Pro

I'm looking through old and new sketchbooks for inspiration to create my new fabric collection!


I'm committed to cutting into these beautiful patterned AGF denims!

Denim Love!

I'm planning to be back soon with something new share!

Happy sewing!! ♡ Maureen


  1. a butterfly print similar to your owl print would be stunning! beth

  2. Enjoy your day! I understand your feelings about the crowns, I turned my hobby (cakes and cookies) into a part time job and it certainly lost some of the fun. Now I just do random orders that I really want to do! Like I made 125 snowflakes this weekend! FUN!

  3. You're the Best ! Thanks for sharing !
    msstitcher1214@gmail .com

  4. Blessings to you on your new 'fork in the road' journey. I am so thankful I received one of your last (perhaps for now) crown. The little mermaid will be wearing it for her early birthday celebration. Thanks again, it was gorgeous. I will look forward to your new endeavors. You are wildly creative!

  5. Just to let you know how much I enjoy and admire you. Keep your creative juices flowing

  6. It's hard to make the change but sounds like you're embracing it. You could probably make a crown with your eyes closed. Follow your passion and see where it leads.

  7. I'm excited for you!

  8. Thanks for sharing your thoughts today. Creative souls must rest and revive to the next adventure. I am going to find E. Gilbert's book today..I love her writing. Stay well my friend. Susie

  9. Oh I'm excited for this pause of yours. Which seems weird for a stranger to say lol. But I like where this pause is going - butterflies and seeing more of the beautiful Nightfall fabrics which I hope there's something from the giveaway book to make with them! I have yet to browse through it! (Waiting for someone to carry it in stores around here).

  10. Do what feels "right" for you. Relax, reflect and then start your new adventure is that is what you want to do :-)

  11. I am so glad I got my niece her crown already!! Honestly, I don't know how you are doing everything that you are doing.. Good for you and Congratulations!! I am a huge fan...

  12. Bravo for this post Without going to "Like" a small retweet often I use to mark my approval, even when I have nothing to say in comments.

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