Friday, January 20, 2017

A Fabric GIVEAWAY : :

It's Fabric Giveaway Friday!  

Intrepid Thread GIVEAWAY!


With over 15 years of experience in ecommerce, The Intrepid Thread is a family owned business employing 5 amazingly creative quilters and sewists. Julie, the owner, is dedicated to offering quality quilting fabrics at competitive prices and takes special pride in knowing her customers receive unparalleled service!

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We hope you enjoy visiting The Intrepid Thread's sites!

For this week's Fabric Giveaway, Julie at The Intrepid Thread is offering a $20 Gift Certificate to her wonderful shop to one lucky MCH reader!!

Intrepid Thread GIVEAWAY!

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That’s 4 possible entries! Enter now through Monday, January 23rd! The winner will be picked at random and I will announce their name at the bottom of this post, here on the blog.

* Note * This giveaway is open to EVERYONE! If you're a "no reply" or anonymous commenter, please remember to include your email address in your comment!

A BIG thanks to all who enter our Giveaway!  Be sure to swing by my Instagram for a second chance at winning an Intrepid Thread Gift Certificate! ♡ Maureen  

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Tutorial Making : :

MC Collection Block

It's been such a busy week! I've been putting the finishing touches on two tutorials that I'll share soon. The first is my Sweet Dreams Pillow, my newest project for Janome sewing machines featuring my Love Garden print from my Garden Dreamer fabric collection with Art Gallery Fabrics and a variety of AGF Denim Studio denims and linen. I used a raw edge reverse applique technique featuring Janome's satin stitch and my Quick Quilt As You Go method to create this beautiful throw pillow that's both fun and easy to make! I'll be sure to let you know once it's uploaded to Janome's project page and I hope you love it as much as I do!

Sweet Dreams Pillow Materials


Pillow Finish

If you plan to make this pillow you'll want to pick up a full yard of my Love Garden panel print to be sure you receive a complete heart to use on your pillow. This print comes in two colorways -- Vibrant and Calm. Both would make lovely pillows!

Love Garden

You can find this print available in my sponsor shops Fat Quarter Shop, Llama Fabrics, Lady Belle Fabrics, and Circa 15 Fabric Studio!

The other tutorial I was thinking I'd share early next week, if you're interested, is the MCH Collection Quilt block pattern I'm currently making. It's the remake of my popular Winter's Garden Quilt made using all of my current collections together, and I thought some of you might want to join me in making this one? So please do let me know!

Winter's Garden Quilt in Emmy Grace

I just finished two more blocks today featuring prints from Nightfall & Garden Dreamer together and I think they're my favorite ones yet!

MC Collection Quilt Block

I'm really looking forward to getting back to blogging more regularly, last week it was the weather and the kiddos home, this week it's the flu and the kiddos home, but I will be back tomorrow with an Intrepid Thread giveaway, so be sure to stop back!

♡ Maureen

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

My Fabric Stash Cabinet : :

Cabinet Tighty

Each time I go to begin a new quilt using my fabrics, I find myself tearing another half yard or so from the rolls of my prints that I receive from Art Gallery Fabrics.  My main fabric stash cabinet has become such a cluttered mess, that rather than sort through the piles searching for the prints I need to begin a new project, pulling from the rolls is the fastest way to begin.  The other day I noticed just how quickly these precious rolls of mine were thinning out, so I decided that this time I would take the time to search my big cabinet for all of my prints floating amongst the messy bundles. This became quite the project! I thought maybe you'd like to see, so I took some photos throughout the day to share!

The before...   Hopefully this looks much different, in a bad way, to you all compared to the photo above!

Cabinet Messy

Where to being? Well, because I'm such a fan of so many fellow fabric designers and get just as excited today about new lines coming out as I did when I discovered this wonderful world of sewing, designer fabrics, and blogging - and since I've already tried out organizing by color and by manufacturer and by simply separating collections. Now that it's been several years that I've been "collecting" fabrics, I decided it was time to sort the big cabinet by designer.

Orginizing by Designer

Above you might recognize two of my favorite -- Pat Bravo and April Rhodes!

The only exception made was my voile stash, these beauties have to stay together!  I've always dreamed of making an ultra luxurious herringbone quilt using nothing but voiles for the top and something equally dreaming for the backing, a super soft plush perhaps. How heavenly would that be

Making Voile Plans

I even set the voiles in my cabinet in a way that they're peeking out just a bit further than the other stacks so I don't forget that these are high on my to-make list!

Cabinet ~ Voile Bundles

I really enjoyed seeing all of my Sharon Holland prints together! I noticed that I'm missing her Gossamer collection and that I've used quite a few prints from Tapestry, but seeing these together has me so excited about her next line due out in March, Bountiful!

My Sharon Holland collection

Below, at the center, is my Bonnie Christine collection and a look at my newly stashed bundle of her beautiful Wonderful Things line. I'm making plans for these and will be sure to share more next week!

Cabinet Bundles

So what do you think, better? I think it's so much better, definitely worth the time it took, and I found almost everything print I needed to begin my next quilt amongst the mess!

Cabinet Tighty

I shared a peek of it yesterday on my Instagram, did you see? I'm so excited about where this "collection quilt" is headed!

Collection Quilt Beginning

I'll be back soon with more to share! ♡ Maureen

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Mad for Plaid & Nightfall : :

Mad Plaid & Nightfall LOVE!

Since those big, beautiful snowflakes resulted in an early school dismissal yesterday, followed by a two-hour delay for school this morning, I didn't have the productive sewing day I was hoping for. I did however take the time to unbox and admire a special delivery from Art Gallery Fabrics that I'm super excited to show you!

Introducing Mad Plaid, a rich line of plaids with a modern twist to play with from AGF's new CAPSULES division!

AGF Capsules : Mad Plaid

AGF Capsules : Mad Plaid

As I folded each beautiful print I noticed right away how the variety of colors and designs worked so perfectly with my Nightfall collection, see...

Mad Plaid & Nightfall

Mad Plaid & Nightfall

And because I have always loved plaid so much, of course these brand new Capsules have stolen my heart! I'm already thinking ahead to pillow and quilt projects I'd like to make to feature these along side my own fabric designs!

Making Plans!

Mad Plaid will be hitting stores a little later this month. I hope you'll enjoy getting to know these new AGF divisions and collections and might feel inspired by these same fabrics that are inspiring me!

♡ Maureen

Tuesday, January 10, 2017

A Collection Quilt Plan : :

It's beautiful this morning. Outside huge, fluffy snowflakes are falling and I'm inside warm & excited to begin my first quilt of the New Year!

All Collections!

On Friday, I had shared on my Instagram that my BIG goal for over the weekend was to design a new quilt pattern suitable for using all of my Art Gallery Fabrics collections. That's Wild & Free + Fleet & Flourish + Nightfall + Garden Dreamer -- sixty-eight prints total! While we were up in New York for one last holiday celebration with my husband's family, I worked here and there on my design, but in the end decided the best pattern for this project was to remake one of my favorites -- my Winter's Garden quilt, just bigger!

Winter's Garden Quilt in Emmy Grace

In the original Winter's Garden quilt design, each block features three different prints with a narrow, solid border that I could easily change to use a blender print. Or perhaps I'll just make a larger quilt, including twenty blocks rather than sixteen. The scrappy sashing is ideal for including my low volume prints, and the center area of each block perfect for the main prints that I've designed for each collection!

What do you think?

Emmy Grace in the light!

So there we have it, a project plan to begin right after I finish up the tutorial for my Reverse Appliqué Love Garden pillow!

I Can't wait! ♡ Maureen      

Thursday, January 5, 2017

A New Favorite Pillow Set : :

A Pillow Set

I am so excited to finally be able to share these pillows with you - they are a set that I made for my Mom to gift my sister-in-law Anne for Christmas. And they're also my favorite finish from my holiday break sewing! I loved making this heart pillow project so very much that I'm wondering if I should put together a tutorial to share? Let me know if you're interested!

Reverse Raw Edge Applique

The pattern was completely inspired by my new Love Garden panel print from my Garden Dreamer collection. The large scale print includes a big heart, perfect for raw edge applique! Shown here is the Calm coloring of Love Garden with AGF's denim underneath quilted with Aurifil!

Linen & Denim

I used my go-to Quick Quilt As You Go to create the entire pillow top combining additional denims, linen, & Aurifil quilting, finishing with denim binding in my favorite color, Cool Foilage!

To include with the heart pillow I made two, big herringbone pillow covers. Again using my Quick Quilt As You Go technique, choosing several matching prints from both Garden Dreamer and Nightfall. I love how these two collections play together!

Herringbone Covers

These herringbone pillows inspired me to finally get all of my collection together - Wild & Free + Fleet & Flourish + Nightfall + Garden Dreamer to start dreaming up a new quilt design that I can make using all of them together! If you have any pattern suggestions, do let me know!

All Collections!

I can't think of a better way to start a new year of quilting than this!  ♡ Maureen