Tuesday, December 8, 2015

For Now : :

After sharing my scrappy bear paw block plans last week, to turn these 25" blocks into two Euro sized shams, one for each of my boys beds. I started to really love them right here on my wall!

Scrappy Bear Paws

Your comments even encouraged that I do the same! And so...

My Boys ♡

When we Christmas-ified the boys rooms over the weekend my pillow plans were left behind, and thankfully, the boys didn't mind one bit! When we celebrated my son Kaiden's thirteenth birthday (oh my!) this past Sunday, you can see those bear paw blocks still hanging on the wall!

Kaiden Sand-Wish

In case you happen to be wondering what's happening in the photo above, those candles are in what we call in our house the "mega sandwich," which is just a fancy pressed sandwich that Kaiden requested I make for his birthday dinner to put his candles in. Just to humor me, he let me put candles in his cheesecake, as well!

Kaiden Candles & Cheesecake

After a wonderful weekend spent decorating and celebrating, I didn't get much sewing done, besides the pair of Quick Quilt As You Go stockings I made for my twin baby nieces yesterday!

For Stocking Making

Using the same quilt as you go method I teach in my new Craftsy Class, a festive stack of Art Gallery fabrics, and Aurifil thread I stitched these up in no time! The stockings are made neat and sturdy from the layer of cotton batting and lining them to finish. You can see the others I've made for my brother David's family here and here!

A Pair of Stockings

While making these stockings, I decided that I will simply quilt those bear paw blocks up into mini quilts to hang them right back up on the wall! What do you think?

How about you, are you busy making anything handmade for the holidays?

Happy sewing! ♡ Maureen


  1. Those bear paw blocks are phenomenal! I love them! You could still do pillow shams AND hang them as wall art until you're ready to use them for pillows. I love your fabric selection!

    1. Thank you!! Yes, that is exactly what I'm going to do!!

  2. Mini quilts will be perfect! I've been busy finishing up a t-shirt quilt for my daughter's Christmas.

  3. I have finished up a quilt for a gift and working to finish a Christmas quilt for home.

    Those bear paw blocks are gorgeous. Maybe just frame them and leave them hanging.

  4. love, love to read your ideas and plans!!!
    Merry Christmas!

  5. Made a Alzheimer's lap activity quilt for my mother. Hopefully it will keep her busy as she is sitting watching tv.

  6. Those bear-claw blocks look fabulous right where they are. How about just sewing them together as a two-block quilt and leave them there?

  7. As one of a set of twins, I have to make a comment here. Every birthday, or Christmas, we received EVERYTHING the exactly the same. So if I opened a present from Aunt Helen, my sister knew what she got from Aunt Helen before she opened her present. Please do your nieces a favor and DON'T make them, or gift them, the same present. It might be a little harder for you to shop (or make) but those little girls will thank you in the years to come. People think it's "cute" for twins to be dressed alike, and it is, but I would NEVER do that to my grandchildren. They are two different little girls and need to feel special as themselves; not just as a part of two.

  8. I love them there too, so pretty. And inspiring!

  9. My 13 year old daughter would like to know if we could steal your son. I am guessing you are going to say no. Shes dreaming your gonna say yes. Ha ha .

  10. Absolutely--make them for the wall. They look really good there and the colors work beautifully with the surroundings.
    I'm doing a complete overhaul of my sewing room--donating tons of fabric to charity and focusing on what kind of work I really want to do. But I also have three stockings to make when I'm done.

  11. Those bear claws belong on that wall, it is a perfect Christmas card.

  12. They are perfect on your wall and make stellar wall hangings!!

  13. These bear paws are perfect as wall hangings!!!

  14. I made a quilt as you go table runner for my daughter using your method however I used 15degree ruler cuts. Thanks for the inspiration and the technique.

  15. I would think that will make everyone in your house happy...bears paws are irresistible! And with that black bench *sigh* :)

  16. They'll make great mini quilts. Your boys are very handsome. Love your stockings. Everything seems perfect at your house!

  17. Hi Maureen! I think your bear paw blocks are just perfect for mini quilts on that wall! Happy Birthday to your son! Looks like you had the best, cosy celebration! x Teje

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  19. Beautiful bear paws! I love the colors! Your kids are gorgeous! So cute!

  20. Beautiful bear paws! I love the colors! Your kids are gorgeous! So cute!

  21. I love those bear paw blocks! so pretty and Christmasy! :-) I think just as wall hangings is a splendid idea!! Hugs, H in Healdsburg


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