Wednesday, September 3, 2014

An Indelible Pillow Set : :

Indelible Pillow Set

This week my best friend is redoing her daughter's bedroom for her thirteenth birthday present and had recently brought over the store-bought shams and curtains to match up with some fabrics from my stash. Right away we knew Indelible by Katarina Roccella would be perfect! The color scheme was a spot-on match, the modern, woodland theme speaks to Hannah's love for nature and the text prints to her passion for reading and writing. I happily offered to make a set of pillows and spent yesterday's sewing time doing just that!

Indelible Pillow Plans

Using my go-to, most favorite pillow pattern, that can be found in issue 8 of Love Patchwork & Quilting for an easy-peasy set of patchwork covers, I whipped up the first two in no time at all!

Indelible Quilted Pillow

Indelible Quilted Pillows

All three pillows are backed in a Pure Element solid in Empire Yellow, Emerald, and Tile Blue.

Indelible back in Pure Element solids

Each has a binding finish, using up the leftover bindings Squared Elements in Noir from my Rapture Making Rows and Laced Up Gris from my NouvElle Friendship Diamond quilts. When creating quilt bindings I always make up extra to have on hand to add to my pillows, it's my favorite ending detail and adds such a professional finish!

Indelible Pillows

My third and final pillow is a simple 18" pillow, straight-line quilted with an Aurifil 50wt, in one of our favorite Indelible prints, Stamped Grove in Daylight. I adore this print! The sweet blue background, the birch trees and birds makes this print perfect to leave as is for a pillow just like this one, as whole cloth quilt, or to use as a wonderful quilt backing!

Indelible in Stamped Grove

Indelible Pillow in Stamped Grove

I can't wait to see Hannah's new, teen bedroom all finished, it's going to be amazing! I hope she loves her pillows and has a wonderful birthday!!



  1. Beautiful pillows! I love the Indelible collection too!

  2. Beautiful pillows, such a sweet gift! =D

  3. Beautiful! Definitely loving the third pillow!

  4. I just had to have some if this line. So pretty! You did a lovely job of your pillows. I'm sure she will squeeel!

  5. Love these pillows! And I love that lamp shade as well! Would love to know how to do it!

  6. These are gorgeous, Maureen! I love the way they look as a set, and yes, so perfect for a teenage girl!

  7. These are perfect Maureen!!! You are an amazing friend, thank you so much. I know Hannah will love them. Much love 😘

  8. Oh so pretty, I'm sure she'll love them :o)

  9. Lovely cushions. Even the backs are beautiful. My niece turned 13 this year and my Mum gave her a room make-over for her birthday, too. I added my own mega-cushion/beanbag seat, with a rag rug top. It sounds random, but apparently was well received and on theme :)

  10. I finally got my hands on Endilble - and I have a plan for a quilt with them. I have been admiring this line since I first saw it on IG - thanks for sharing your pillows. I love the fabric you used for binding. P.S. - I'm still working on my Herringbone quilt, worked on two panels today. I'm making it king size and since it's for me, I work on it in between other projects.

  11. Beautiful pillows! I think I'm in love :)


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