Thursday, September 4, 2014

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Now that my quilt top in Emmy Grace is finished and I'm waiting for my backing (Budquette Nightfall) and binding (Ripples River) fabrics to arrive, now that I made and gifted the Indelible pillow set to my friend, now that I'm finally getting caught up with etsy orders, it's time for me to begin something new and to finish up some of the mid-way projects that have been laying around the sewing room.

First up, my Arizona Herringbone QAYG! This project hasn't seen any action in weeks (months) and it's time I remove the cat hair it's collected & finish it up!


Arizona Herringbone QAYG

Arizona QAYG

Haila and I also started a new sewing project last night before bedtime! We're using Bari J.'s Bijoux collection and we're making a tote bag. I remember the first tote I made in my early sewing days and how magical it seemed to take just a few pieces of material and in such a short time create a useful bag. I'm excited to share that with her! Here's a peek, she's doing great!

Haila's Bijoux Project

I also want to invite you all to listen to my very excited self and four fellow Art Gallery Fabrics designers chat about our new fabric collections on the latest Modern Sewciety podcast while you sew this week and to enter the wonderful Giveaway! Click HERE or on the image below to be directed!


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  1. Lots of loveliness there! I still haven't worked out what to do with my Arizona bundle

  2. I saw this Arizona version of your qayg finished by someone else on Instagram and it turned out really perfect for this collection. She had mentioned that you had inspired her, great job! You always have such great ideas!

    1. Thank you Vera, yes, that must have been Danny. She's made a few quilts using my herringbone qayg method recently! :)

  3. Enjoyed listening to the podcast! Loved hearing the emotion and excitement in your voice. Wish I could go to Quiltcon and meet you in person!

    1. I won't be at QuiltCon, but I will be at Quilt Market, which is in Houston at the end of October! Lots of nerves and excitement these days!!

  4. I listened to the podcast yesterday. It's wonderful to hear your voice. Now I'll have a voice to "hear" your blogs in. :) I'm sure you'll be a big hit at Quilt Market regardless if you have a knack for staging. (I think that's what you were getting at.) Your work is beautiful and you're so sweet that people will flock to your booth. Best wishes!

  5. your blog is recommended! luck for the future and the continued success of this blog


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