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A Valentine Appliqued Apron Set Tutorial : :

Valentine Appliqued Apron Set Tutorial

Today's tutorial is for a sweet apron set for an adult and child. I use sturdy ticking fabric with simple raw edge applique to add a little Valentine village, that's perfect for wearing all year long. You can use whatever fabrics you'd like with this method of applique to add any details to suit your style or those receiving these aprons. Have fun and be sure to let me know if you give these aprons or any of my tutorial projects a try!

What you'll need : :

  • 3/4 yd of ticking fabric
  • an assortment of scraps for your applique village
  • 1/2 yd piece of heatbond lite
  • 1 - piece of fabric measuring 6" x 24" for child apron waistband
  • 2 - pieces of fabric measuring 5" x 18" for child apron ties
  • 1 - piece of fabric measuring 9"x 32" for adult apron waistband
  • 2 - pieces of fabric measuring 8" x 44" for adult apron ties (I make mine extra long to tie in front)
  • threads -- black for applique stitching and an assortment of colors or white to match your apron fabrics
  • Sewing pins
  • Sharp scissors and/or a rotary cutter/mat set

Cutting and Hemming apron pieces

1. Trim selvedge ends from the fabric. 2. First, cut 14" from one side of the fabric -- this will be the fabric for the child apron. Second, cut remaining fabric to measure 18" x 30" -- this will be the adult apron 3. Hem bottom and sides of these pieces by folding over edge 1/4", press, fold again, press, and sew a double seam to hem those raw edges

Cutting and heeming apron pieces

Once finished, the apron pieces should look like this : :

hemmed bottom and sides

Cutting and piecing your scraps using Heatbond Lite

1. Cut a large square from the heat bond light 2. Cut scrap pieces out in the fabrics chosen for the village design 3. With paper side down, arrange scraps on top of the heatbond 4. Press with iron to adhere fabric pieces to heatbond

Cutting and piecing your scraps using Heatbond Lite

Cutting and adhering the Valentine village pieces

1. Using sharp scissors or a rotary cutter, cut out rectangle, triangle, and square pieces for the village and bunting design 2. Always layout the design first

Cuttting Valetine village pieces from you heatbond fabrics

3. Carefully peel off the paper backs of the pieces, use an iron to press in place. This will permanently adhere the village design to the apron. Don't forget to add the heart! 4. Once the design is adhered to the apron, use black thread to "draw" around the inner edges of each piece added

Remove paper backs and  press to adhere applique pieces
Add heart and black stitching

This is my favorite part! I love the way the black thread make the applique pieces look like a drawing!

finish stitching in black

applique tutorial wip

Choose and cut waistband & tie fabrics  -- see measurements above

Choose waistband & tie fabrics and cut

1. Fold in outside edges of the waistband fabric a 1/4" on each side, press. Do this with all four sides 2. Fold waistband in half, press well 3. Open waistband, place apron piece centered inside the waistband piece

Create waistband

4. Fold over waistband fabric, pin in place 5. Using coordinating thread, sew a seam along top and bottom edges, leaving both ends open

pin and sew waistband

6. Repeat these steps for making the apron ties, be sure to hem the ends of these as well 7. Insert tie pieces into the opening of each side of the waistband, pin in place, sew

making and adding apron ties

Add a few stitches here, this will get pulled at quite a bit when tying the apron on!

stitch in place ( I add extra stitching here since this gets pulled at quite a bit)

Repeat these steps for finishing the adult size aprons and you'll have a lovely set to wear with your little(s) or to give as a nice gift!

Valentine Appliqued Apron Set

We love ours!!

our aprons

I really hope you enjoy this project! This is my favorite so far! I know the tutorial has quite a few steps -- feel free to add a comment here if you have any questions! And, always let me know if you give it a go!! My Quilted Valentine Pillow tutorial is being shared today on Sew Can She, feel free to stop by and check that out!!

Have a lovely day, friends! Maureen


  1. Oh thank you, thank you! You're wonderful and I hope you have a lovely day as well. :)

    1. Thanks for taking the time to comment! This one was a lot of work!! :)

  2. How cute is this!!
    Thanks Maureen!

  3. I love it Maureen, Thank you!!

  4. Love the ticking, love the black accents, love the bunting-- thanks for the tutorial!

  5. Wow, a lot of special time taken on this one--but WORTH it! So very cute!

  6. great tutorial! So, am I getting this right--you iron on everything before you put one stitch on it?

  7. this is such a cute project. my little girl would love an apron like this! i need to add it to the list!

  8. Thanks, Maureen... you know I've been looking forward to this one :) I have a couple of questions:

    Do you use a standard presser foot for outlining the appliques?
    What stitch length do you typically use for the outlining/"drawing"?


    1. Yes, standard presser foot. My machine sets the stitching at 2.5, I adjust to 3.5 for pretty much everything. I leave the feed dog up and just sew, pivot, sew... it's so fun!!

  9. What a great tutorial! Thanks! :D

  10. Great tutorial! It looks like a fun project that I will definitely have to try!

  11. These are adorable and I love the fabrics you chose. I am so far behind in my blog reading but it looks like you have been busy creating some awesome things! I haven't really felt like sewing since my surgery, but I'm inspired as always by you! XO

  12. Very pretty aprons. I love your color choices you made. Nice Valentines Day projects.

  13. That is the cutest mommy-and-me apron set! Thanks for the great photos and tutorial.

  14. LOVE the aprons! Another mother-daughter team success story.

  15. Great talking to you yesterday. I do love these aprons. Unfortunately I have put my sewing machines away for a while. I will have to wait on doing these.

  16. Awww, Maureen. These are so cute! I love the applique. Adorable!

  17. This is such an adorable apron. Love it. Thank you Maureen for the great tutorial.

  18. You do such absolutley beautiful work. Very neat and precise. I love your tutorial, thank you so much for sharing it with us in the Craftsy community.

  19. You do such absolutley beautiful work. Very neat and precise. I love your tutorial, thank you so much for sharing it with us in the Craftsy community.

  20. You do such absolutley beautiful work. Very neat and precise. I love your tutorial, thank you so much for sharing it with us in the Craftsy community.

  21. This is just fabulous! I love the banner stretching between the houses. too cute.

  22. LOVE your aprons!! Check out the Sweetwater fabric designers
    "Hometown" quilt (I forget the name of the actual pattern, but it so reminds me of your aprons!) Love your blog: just found it a few days ago and will become a frequent visitor :-)

  23. Hello again!! I just went and found the link:
    Have fun!! :-)

  24. These aprons are unbelieveably cute! I love them! Great tutorial.

  25. Love the colors and am about to make my first apron...have sewn all my like, but never made an apron...thanks so much for this one..

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  27. Just found cute!!! I'm gonna make a quilt square for my daughter who is leaving for house for us, one house for her in her dorm....connected by love. <3

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