Thursday, February 16, 2012

This Week : :

Here's a little peek at some (yes, just some) of the making that has been happening. I've been staying very busy!! I hope to have some finishes to share next week!

Birthday Crowns! With a few new favorites.

Birthday Crowns!!
birdie flower braches birthday crown
birdie bunting birthday crown

Plans! Another raw edge applique project in the works.


Improv Mini Quilt making! I started a new one using the scraps left from my Fly A Kite Pillows. I had a lot of fun with the machine quilting on this one! And, I hand-quilting on the kite strings last night.

Fly A Kite Mini wip

Fox Pillows! And lots of them!!

Fox Pillows!

Retro Flowers! This is for the Love circle of do. Good Stitches. It was a challenge for me, it took me forever, and I now I am seeing just how imperfect it is. Rachel? Jacey?

Retro Flowers Block for do. Good Stitches

Giveaway! The Fly A Kite Giveaway continues until tomorrow morning, when a new one begins -- this time for Loulouthi! Five yards or ten 1/2 yards to one lucky reader, sponsored by Modern Fabric Studio.

Loulouthi Stash -- Moona Fabrics

Wishing you all a wonderfully productive day!!

xo, Maureen


  1. So many pretty things here, Maureen. I'm impressed with your quilting! Someday I'll get out of my rut and try fun things like that too.

    On the Retro Flowers block it looks like you may have stretched the fabrics while piecing... Which would be sad =(. But, maybe it can be improved with some starch? Do you have Best Press or some other starch that you can try to fix it up with? I only started using starch with curves, and it does help to prevent stretching too. This is a challenging block! There's no question about that.

  2. Everything looks wonderful! You always accomplish so much, it's crazy!

  3. Your birthday crowns are awesome! I found them on pinterest just now.

  4. I love your crowns!
    One is just perfect for my daughter!!

  5. You have definitely been busy! I'm loving your quilt blocks lately.

  6. I am amazed at what you can get done. Do you sleep?? :) Love all the projects- the crowns are so cute!

  7. Maureen, your birthday crowns are just adorable. I will be 55 am I to old to wear one? LOL

  8. Loulouthi giveaway? Yes!

  9. Wow! You are one very busy mama! Everything is adorable! I am really loving your modern flower...just may have to churn out some DP blocks and make a quilt out of those. Thanks for the inspiration! Smiles~Beth

  10. Adorable crowns -- and I love your little foxes. You are one BUSY lady!!

  11. i love everything you make! seriously, everything! and, we just might be hanging out for a weekend in june i hear! ;) excited!

  12. I love those crowns, The foxes are just adorable. the Fly A Kite Pillow, something to dreamabout. How you put your colours together really inspires me. Thanks for a cool post.

  13. Wow, love all the things you've been busy on, and looking forward to seeing how that improv mini turns out!

  14. Maureen, I just LOVE your birthday crowns! They are adorable - betcha they make some little folks very happy.

  15. You're so creative. Where do you get all your ideas?

  16. Love the birthday crowns. What a clever idea.

  17. I LOVE YOUR PICTURE! You are shmokin hot!
    p.s. love you.:)kgc

  18. Maureen, you are a wonder! Beautiful work, as usual:)

  19. Such pretty fabrics!
    You've been pretty busy too!
    Thanks for sharing!

  20. I was just showing my husband your fox you're making a bunch of them.....cute!!! The felt birthday crowns are beautiful, too.

  21. Lovely projects. You are an absolute delight


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