Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Blues, Greens, and Aquas : :

I have been wondering how many of you just buy fabric for the heck of it, because I never have a plan or even an idea what they will become. I just randomly purchase 1/2 yard cuts, admire them in a nice new stack for a day or two, and then tuck them away with the others until I get an idea. I am assuming this is normal?

Well lately, I have been really drawn to blues, greens, and aquas. It's a nice break from all the reds and pinks that I have been working with, as you can see from my February crafts so far. So, when these new goodies arrived I was happy to see them -- A new project journal, since my last one was taken over by my partner, and some very cool new fabrics from Quilt Home.
new journal.new fabrics
The above was the case with these until I recently saw the Sew Mama Sew Words to Live By pillow contest and immediately knew what to do. Happy too, that this idea will require me to turn to my hoops -- I really don't use them nearly enough.
I shared the plan with my son Kaiden, who this pillow will be for, and he is thrilled -- Hooray! He picked out the thread for the stitching...
perfect color
And nothing but blues, greens, and aquas from my fabric -- perfect!  

Don't you just love it when not having a plan comes together?


  1. I definitely do that too. Sometimes I can't resist buying fabric. Loving the colors - beautiful picks =)

  2. You are completely normal...I do that too! If I see it and I love it I usually end up buying it before I even know what I'm doing with it...especially if I'm at a fabric store out of my local area.

    Some of my best "matches" have come from fabrics that I bought never having a plan for them! :-)

  3. I do the smae thing with BEADS!!! It's universal - really any craftyy thing I can squirrel away I will!...wait...that's hoarding! hahahaha! : )

  4. Me too, even though it is against my New Year resolution now, so I haven't for a while, but I have.

    I have some fabric I bought on etsy 2 years ago that just called my name. It still isn't used for anything, but I admire it. I want to make something for me with it!

    I hope you'll stop by my blog and enter the new giveaway that I posted today!


  5. i am HORRIBLE (or great?) at buying fabric i have no immediate use for...and yet it always comes in handy, one way or another, so it all evens out, right? right!

  6. Oh yes. When the ladies are cutting up my order they ask me, what are you working on... my answer: "my fabric collection". Sometime I put it to good use.

  7. I shop the way you shop and also buy 1/2 yards all the time. Mind you many turn into bags, but sometimes they are so pretty I just don't even want to cut into them!


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