Sunday, October 24, 2010

Bonus Giveaway : :

Hooray! I just noticed that today my blog has reached 20,000 visits since I added the visitor counter in March! I was hoping to reach that goal by March of 2011 and thanks to all of you --- I already have!!! To celebrate this milestone I will send to one of you a 10 pack of these lovely printed note cards (blank on the inside, one of each print). To enter just email me ( the answer to this question : :
Who is the fabric designer and what is the name of their collection that has a cotton quilt weight fabric in a  very similar print to the one on this note card? A little hint --- the designer and fabric line are one of my favorites!
I picked up these cards because I just love this red and aqua floral print so much and was surprised when I opened the box and saw one that looks so similar to one of my favorite fabrics!
I'll select one person to win who can answer the designer and collection correctly!

Be sure to enter my Knitting Giveaway and Sewing Giveaway if you haven't yet! The winners to these giveaways will be announced November 1st!

Thanks friends!  ~ Maureen


  1. Anna Maria Horner,Innocent Crush Collection. Just looking at her prints bring back memories of my Aunts sewing room when I was a child. She was the one to teach me sewing and needle work. Miss her so very much. But her legacy lives on.And I have passed on to others what she taught me.

  2. Innocent Crush by Anna Maria Horner. These note cards are absolutely beautiful.

  3. Thanks to those who entered! The winner and answer will be announced in the morning!

  4. It would have to be Anna Maria Horner - I know how much you love her (and me too!) :)

  5. WOW! Amazing.You are always an inspiration.
    learned alot about struggle and the blogs from you.
    And started my own Here's my site
    Thanks for all


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