Monday, October 25, 2010

Bonus Giveaway Winner : :

The first email to come in was from my friend Cynthia Taylor! Thanks for being such a loyal follower Cynthia!!!

Her answer : : So I’m going to try this giveaway. This is my guess : “Good Folks” by Anna Maria Horner?

Why, Yes, Yes, Yes!!!

This is the Anna Maria Horner Good Folks collection that I was looking for : : 
The similar fabric is her Cathedral Print from that Collection : :
I've used this fabric print many times --- on my embroidered pillow, my family tree pillow, my scrappy nap pillow, my patchwork baby blanket, my bohemian aprons, and I am certain even more...this is just all the projects I could remember. Yes, I have admitted on this blog more than once that I have quite the love for Anna Maria Horner fabrics! So, thanks everyone! A few of you sent answers over with designers that have very similar prints of their own...who knew!

Thanks again friends! ~ Maureen

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  1. Yeah!! Thanks Maureen!


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