Wednesday, September 4, 2019

New Bags!

I 've mentioned before that this year started off rough with me badly injuring my right knee. In between my sprained ligaments healing and reconstruction surgery, there were a couple of weeks where I was able to sew, very slowly, and during that time I had challenged myself to try my best to make a bag a day. I came pretty close to that goal and it was just what I needed to stay creative and feeling somewhat productive. The bag challenge was helpful and I realized just how much I love to make them, which absolutely kept my spirits up during such a difficult time! The bags I make aren't very complicated, which makes them fun. Often times they're made from scraps leftover from larger projects which feels good to use, the construction is simple and they're always quilted. Today I thought I'd share a few of my recent quilted bag finishes!


Inspired by tomorrow's Friday Fabric Giveaway with my new sponsor Fabric Stork for Alexandra Bordallo's adorable Dew & Moss collection for AGF, I pulled a few favorites from my Dew & Moss bundle and added in some colorful prints by Sharon Holland, Pat Bravo and Amy Sinibaldi to make a cheerful new drawstring bag!


I love the way the photo of my fabric pull was arranged so much that I decided to keep the prints in the same order while piecing my bag. Such a pretty ombre effect, don't you think!? You may have seen the drawstring bag I shared last week made in this same style and I should let you know that I've decided to make at least six to display on a vintage accordion peg rack that I have in the shop side of my studio that I've been working on filling with inventory. Besides the zip bags I often make, I love making these non-zip, drawstring bags with handles!


I still haven't sourced or made the perfect drawstrings just yet, but I'm getting closer! For these I used an AGF denim and finished the ends of them with Dritz Fray Check, to seals the unfinished ends of my drawstrings. When the Fray Check dries, which I left over night to dry after they were threaded through my bag, the ends harden slightly and think this may be the way I go from now on. I'll definitely keep you updated on that!


The other three bags I made are zipper pouch bags using my Quick Quilt As You technique. This first one I shared on my Instagram yesterday and received lots of love! I've made several using this pattern that's a modified version of a qayg quilt block I made for my Craftsy (now Bluprint class). I love the combination of the flying geese with fabric strips. This is definitely a pattern I plan to make into a quilt!


The back features prints from my Mystical Land and Nightfall collections combined with a few prints from the Lugu collection by Jessica Swift. I adore Jessica's moths and owls!


The final two bags include many of the same fabrics but this time I used my Friendship Braid QAYG! Each strip is pieced and straight line quilted to a layer of Hobbs cotton batting with an aqua 50wt Aurifil thread that I finally just ran out of. I swear those large spools last forever!


The back is just a simple striping of the same fabrics but this time I used a wavy stitch that comes as a built-in stitch on my Janome. I set the stitch length and width at the greatest options and it goes super quick and looks great!


Now you'll all have to let me know which of these new bags is your favorite? It will help me decide which to make more of for my shop, which I really appreciate!

xo Maureen


  1. I love your bags and pouches! Good ideas for Christmas.

  2. I love all the bags you made............nope, can't pick a favorite one! Thanks for sharing and giving us inspiration to make bags. Nadine

  3. Wow that is a lot of bags. I am glad you are able to sew as you are recovering. I like the one with the owl the best.

  4. all of these are just incredibly pretty.
    They are all very beautiful designs.
    I tend to make the smaller ones for the girls that I love, because they use them for personal stuff, makeup etc and smish them into their purse or backpack, because everything else is baby or kid stuff

  5. They are all beautiful. I love your fabric choices for all of them. I am partial to the zip bags myself!

  6. WOW Is right...I am very impressed

  7. I'm just loving the first one, so colorful and roomy and organic looking! Of course I like them all, but, you asked! :)

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  9. Wow what fun...will be fun mail for a luvky lady....

  10. These are ALL BEAUTIFUL!! I am such a fan of your bag making, and your fabric combining skills are amazing!! I try and channel your skills when I am mixing fabrics and I love to try and imitate your bags! I would love a closer look into the top of those drawstring bags, is that posted somewhere? And if you really want my opinion of a favorite it's the flying geese with the strip patchwork bag ALWAYS!! I LOVE that scrappy colorful classic yet modern patchwork look! 😍😍😍👍👍


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