Monday, June 11, 2018

The AGF Community Sampler!

I'm so excited to share the AGF Community Sampler with all of you today!

When Sharon and I were planning out this year's sew-along, we reached out to Art Gallery Fabrics to invite them to sponsor our event. They happily signed on as a generous sponsor, offering several bundles for us to Giveaway, and we were extra thrilled when the talented ladies who make up the AGF Team let us know that they planned to follow along and make a Community Sampler quilt, as well!

Throughout the sew-along AGF has shared there beautiful blocks using Art Gallery's Splendid Fusion collection. How could there sampler be anything but gorgeous with this colorful, pretty collection!

Each week, in addition to seeing the blocks made by Sharon and all of you who joined us, I so looked forward to seeing AGF's beautiful Splendid Fusion blocks and which of the AGF Team members would be stitching it up with the help of Meli, who took the lead with this sew-along!

It was so nice to see all these happy faces and their gorgeous blocks. For some of these ladies, it was their first time sewing a quilt block! Be sure to check out the AGF Blog to see their Sampler posts and to read a little bit about each of the AGF Team members who joined the sew-along. It was great to get to know them all a bit better throughout the Community Sampler!

Their Splendid Fusion blocks are SO pretty, it's impossible to choose a favorite!

I'm so in love with this quilt top and I can't wait to see how it looks quilted!

Happy Monday! xo Maureen


  1. Replies
    1. I agree! I LOVE the fabrics they chose to use for their Sampler!

  2. Yes, Maureen, I get AGF blog updates and I followed their progress with the community sampler. I was very happy to enjoy their inspiration as a team. They are wonderful ladies, all of them.
    The quilt turned out superb
    This choice of fabrics made such a delightful result!!

    1. I couldn't agree more! They're a fun, talented bunch, that's for sure!

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