Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Flower Child Journal Covers : :

I have a new Summer sewing obsession: Flower Child Journal Covers!

While brainstorming Flower Child LookBook projects that would showoff each pretty Flower Child print, fabric journal or notebook covers were at the top of my to-make list! For my LookBook projects, I like to recreate and use a combination of my own tutorials with those created by other makers in our community to share and link up to. A quick Pinterest search landed me on my friend Svetlana's blog: s.o.t.a.k handmade! Svetlana is incredibly talented and I was confident that I could trust her tutorial to be well written and easy to execute, so I gave it a go and I was hooked! Recognize this project from the LookBook?

Since this first one, I've been experimenting with my own ideas for making these journal covers and as a result my stack keeps growing! These covers are all designed to fit the standard composition notebook that are widely available, although I think I've cleaned out every store that carries them in this little town!

To add a bit of the boho flair that I love so much, I added a length of my handmade Flower Child Twine tied around a few of them. This twine is another addictive project that I shared in the LookBook! It's a wonderful, simple project perfect for keeping your hands busy when you're not able to sew. I definitely recommend that you give making fabric twine a try!

For the Journals that feature my Sisterhood print, I created a quilted patchwork panel, similar to the Journal Cover free pattern that Sharon Holland shares on her blog. The main difference in the covers that I made verses those that both Svetlana and Sharon have shared is that I quilt mine to a layer of Hobbs cotton batting and my measurements and instructions differ slightly. Below you can see all the variations I have tried so far. The options are endless!

For these two I used a modified version of Svetlana's tutorial that include a feature fabrics, a contrasting fabric for the spine of the notebook, and a lining fabric. Such a great way to show off my Flower Child Meadow print!

These Quilted Whole Cloth Journal Covers are my favorites yet! I'll be sharing a tutorial for making these on the Janome blog later this month or early next month, as part of the 2018 Sewing Camp with Janome happening ALL Summer long, where we'll share fun, skill-building projects each week that are designed specifically for children in mind. I think these journals are perfect!

And, since I already have several finished and I'm totally obsessed, I've decided to offer them FOR SALE for just $22 each! I'll be adding them to my Etsy Shop or you can leave me a comment here or email me anytime at if you're interested!

Thanks in advance for your support and for stopping by! xo Maureen


  1. OH my goodness! Can I have dibs on the one with the girl with a flower crown? I would LOVE to buy that for my daughter-in-law!

  2. Maureen, i would LOVE one, please!!! My email for PP is ajdeardurff at netscape dot net. Thanks very much!!

  3. Maureen, these are super adorable.
    I love making composition book covers and I do clear out the shelves in my neighborhood too.
    Your covers are sensational. I think these will sell quickly and best wishes!!

    1. Thank you! I have no need for all the ones I've been making, so hopefully others will enjoy them!

  4. These are fabulous. I would love to order these if it weren't so expensive getting them shipped to England, and then paying import taxes too. x

  5. I have followed your blog for some time. The things you create make me mad

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