Monday, April 16, 2018

Campsite Gift Sets : :

Bag Set

Last month I shared this post gushing over Art Gallery Fabrics brand new capsules collection, Campsite. Full of foxes, feathers, wildflowers, stars and so many more adorable motifs made this ten piece collection perfect for creating something special for anyone that loves woodland themed prints just as much as I do! Right away I got to work on a new small run, limited edition gift set inspired by this adorable collection!

Campsite Gift Sets

Campsite Bag Making

Keeping with the outdoors adventure theme of Campsite I ordered supplies to include with these zipper pouch bags that would set the mood for some adventurous sketching -- a Rustic Branch Pencil and Handcrafted Journal were the perfect gift items to include tucked inside each cute bag!

Campsite Bags with Handcrafted Journal and Branch Pencil Set

Campsite Gift Sets

Each Campsite Zipper Pouch Bag has a side loop perfect for adding a fun tassel, like this handmade wool felt tassel that I made as a quick experiment, or to hook on a handy wristlet strap to make these easy to carry on your wrist or shoulder while out adventuring.

Campsite Gift Set Details

For the zipper pull on each bag I added a length of genuine suede cording in a pretty light blue shade that coordinates perfect with the orange zipper and the colors of Campsite. I love getting creative and adding all of the little special details to each of these small run gift sets!

Suede Zipper Pulls

One side of these zipper pouch bags are a version of my herringbone quilt as you go that includes some larger fussy cut patches so I could feature Campsite's Sneaky Little Fox print The reverse side of each bag was designed to feature Fireflies Glow, a print with sparkling metallic painted fireflies circling a jelly jar with some captured fireflies. So cute!

Firefly Log Cabins

I can't tell you how much I love making these gift sets! Since I moved out of my home studio into a much larger space, it has been so wonderful to think bigger when it comes to the things I can make. In the past I would typically make just one or sometimes two of each new idea I that had. These days I'm really enjoying having the option to make as many as I can of whatever new idea I have. My only restriction now that limits how many I'll make of something is the amount of supplies that I have on hand. It's so wonderful!

Branch Pencils

I hope you all love these new gift sets just as much as I do and that this project idea inspires your own sewing! If you're interested in purchasing one of my handmade items, you're welcome to visit my Etsy shop anytime to find most of the things that I make to share here on the blog. Mostly my hope is to excite those of you who stop by to sew with the collections that I love, as well as the collections that I design!

I'll have a new fabric collection to share with all of you later this week on my Instagram, so be sure to visit me there!

Campsite Gift Sets

Happy Monday and happy sewing!  xo Maureen


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