Monday, November 6, 2017

Love Story for Holiday : :

Love Story Bundle

I promise that I'm not one to skip over Fall & Thanksgiving decorating and celebrating, but in an effort to get a jump on my holiday sewing, I dove right into my list just as soon as I flipped our calendar to November! I mentioned last week that when I unpacked my rolls of Love Story I realized right away just how perfect this collection will be to add to my holiday sewing. I've never been one to stick to using just the traditional red and green color scheme, always adding in lots of minty blue, aqua, teal, blue, black and metallics to the mix. Since I love patchwork and home décor with a bohemian feel is without a doubt my go-to style, I decided to test out Love Story for holiday on a set of extra large, scrappy quick quilt as you go stockings and I LOVE the results!

Love Story Patchwork Stocking 1

I spent both Friday and Saturday's studio sewing time strip piecing, cutting patchwork and quilt as you going my assembly line of Love Story stockings, snapping photos to share along the way. Creating at the new studio has been an adjustment, it all feels so new & different after being in the same home studio space for the past several years. But already the extra space has made making more a possibility and now my children join me with their own creating at the same big table once again, which is so nice!

Love Story Strip Piecing

Love Story Patchwork

While working on my stockings I think I fell in love with one Love Story print in particular, Soulmate Blooms. Inspired by my appreciation for flash art and ink drawn florals, this print amongst the mix of patchwork squares kept catching my eye! I love the way the leaves and flowers look to be growing right out of the seams no matter how it was cut and pieced, it's so pretty!

Love Story Favorite

It's been dark and pouring rain here for days, so finished photos of my first little collection of Love Story stockings will have to wait a bit. Plus I think I'll add a floral embellishment to each just as I did to last year's stockings. (You can see those here!) I'm certainly biased, but I do believe that Love Story is adding some high-style to my handmade holiday plans!

Love Story Patchwork

Today I'm beginning a new quick quilt as you go quilt pattern that I came up with while making pillows for my Flower Child Booth! I'll be back soon to share these new blocks and finished stockings just as soon as this weather decides to cooperate. Happy Sewing!

xx Maureen


  1. Hi Maureen,

    I'm so glad I found your blog! I'm actually new to blogging, and I have a million questions about EVERYTHING, but I'm going to control myself today and just say "hello" :). I enjoyed browsing through your posts, and I'm looking forward to reading more. Have a wonderful day!

  2. Yay! Excited to see the new QQAYG :) Everything looks lovely as always ;)

  3. I'm so glad I found your blog! I'm actually new to blogging, and I have a million questions about EVERYTHING, but I'm going to control myself today and just say "hello"
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  4. Beautiful stockings for this year. I adore this new fabric line


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