Friday, November 3, 2017

Love Story Delivery!

Today is my first full day back at the new studio since returning home from my trip to Houston Quilt Market! Just a few days before I left I received an exciting delivery from Art Gallery Fabrics, my Love Story advanced yardage! That's fifteen yards of each of my twenty quilting cottons, five knits, one roll of canvas and one roll of rayon. It's always such a treat when a new collection arrives!

Love Story Delivery

Shown below are the ten prints that make up the Love Story Enamored colorway -- teal, red, minty aqua and peachy pinks may just be my ALL TIME favorite color combination. I can't even begin to tell you how much I LOVE this group of fabrics! This is also my first collection with a little black, which I wear pretty much every day, so I'm thrilled to have this tribal print to use for wearable accessories and home décor projects!

Love Story: Enamored

Next we have the ten rolls that make up the Love Story Enchanted colorway! This group includes more pretty reds, peach and coral paired with my favorite Cornflower blue and navy, with a little touch of green. When I designed Love Story I knew it would be a Fall 2017 release, but it wasn't until these fabrics arrived that I realized just how perfect this collection will be for holiday sewing! Today, for my first Love Story sewing day I plan to make a few of my quilt as you go patchwork stockings to share, so you can see for yourself!

Love Story: Enchanted

You may have seen in my Instagram stories that I had an adorable helper when I unpacked my Love Story rolls! This is Dharma, she's a Shih Poo puppy (a shih Tzu/toy poodle), she's the sweetest little girl and new addition to our family. She belongs to my sister and I hope she visits me here at the studio often!

Dharma and Love Story

See how little! She's sleeping on two of the Love Story zipper pouches I made a few weeks back and still I think the scale read at about 2lbs. So teeny tiny!

Love Story and Dharma

October was such a busy month with moving into the new studio, finishing up my Summer 2018 collection, with all of the secret sewing I had to do for my Flower Child Quilt Market booth and from traveling to Houston. It feels so good to be back in the studio this morning with these pretty Love Story rolls, endless possibilities and the freedom to sew whatever I want! I'll be back Monday to show you what I stitched up!

xx Maureen


  1. Very nice! I think my favorite is still Soulful, but this group has some great prints.

    1. Thanks! It's impossible for me to pick a favorite. That's like picking my favorite child. :) These colors do have me excited to sew for the holiday season!

  2. What a pleasant work place and love your companion.

    1. The new studio has been great so far! I'm still getting settled but it's so nice now to have so much more space for all of my fabrics and to create in!

  3. Beautiful new collection!! Love the colors and the patterns!

    1. Thank you! I sewed with Love Story all day Friday & Saturday and I am loving it!


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