Thursday, November 2, 2017

Home from Quilt Market : :

I'm home from Quilt Market where I exhibited my Flower Child fabrics, my next collection with Art Gallery Fabrics due to ship in April 2018!

Fall Quilt Market 2017 ~ Flower Child

Flower Child ~ Available April 2018

Fall International Quilt Market is a credentialed trade only event, not open to the general public that takes place in Houston, TX each Fall. It's always a blast and this year's show was no exception! As an Art Gallery Fabrics designer, I have a wall display within their larger booth space. It's so much fun to have this time to spend with my AGF family & fellow designers. I really enjoy the process of creating a special presentation for each new line that I design. Each collection inspires a new plan and Flower Child was all about whimsical floral details!

Flower Child Quilt Market Inspiration

This show I remembered to snap a few before photos of my nearly bare aqua walls to share. I'd be full of it if I didn't admit that I felt some serious nerves when I first looked through the lens at my empty wall space. Even with my fingers crossed that all would come together the way I had been prepping and planning for, more than anything it feels exciting and is just so much fun to put it all together!

Quilt Market Before

Flower Child Sign

I'm a lucky girl to have so much help from sewing friends, who take the time to sew and create such amazing pieces for me to include in my display - from my Flower Child sign to incredible quilts, beautiful garments to stunning bags! Because this collection doesn't come out until April, throughout the Quilt Market show and in today's post, I can only share the overview pics I took for now, but come closer to the official release I plan to do a dedicated post using detailed pics that were taken by myself and each of the makers, I can't wait!

My Flower Child Booth

My good friend and fellow AGF sister, Sharon Holland, helped me during most of Friday's setup to assemble the seven giant crepe paper flowers that I made for my display. These beautiful, colorful flowers absolutely made my booth! I will be making more of these to decorate my new studio soon!

Handmade Giant Flowers

Flower Child

Flower Child Quilt Market

Flower Child Applique Pillow

Flower Children Pillow

Flower Child Applique Pillow 2

My Flower Child Booth

So what do you think of Flower Child? Fun, right?! I hope you love this collection as much as I do!

For today, I just had to share my Quilt Market adventure with you all in photos! Although I do wish I could gush about each print and each sample, that will have to wait a few more months until we're closer to when this new line is available. I have a couple dozen beautiful Love Story rolls that arrived just before I left for Houston waiting for me! I hope you're ready to join me for lots of Love Story sewing!! Love Story should be shipping very soon and I can't wait to share and see what's made with these fabrics!!

I'll be back soon to share my first Love Story projects!! xx Maureen


  1. I LOVE this collection! It is so gorgeous!

    1. Thank you for making such a beautiful dress for me to display! You're the best!

  2. Can't wait to buy some Flower Child fabric! I love your work and always look forward to your new fabric releases. Thank you so much!

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