Tuesday, October 17, 2017

New Love : :

For the past week I’ve been knee deep in Quilt Market prep. Next week I'll travel to Houston to share my next collection due out this coming March, and everything I've been stitching up has to be kept secret until the show. I can't wait for you to see these fabrics! Today, I'm taking a break from sewing to play with crepe paper, a first for me. I ordered a dozen or so rolls of colorful Italian crepe paper to make giant flowers in beautiful reds, bubblegum pink, apricot, peachy creams and white with several shades of green for leaf making...

Italian Crepe Paper Love!

I have just one practice flower finished and already this craft has stolen my heart! Have any of you given crepe paper flower making a try?

Crepe Paper Flowers

Also to have completely stole my heart is this beautiful bundle of fabrics, Pat Bravo's brand new Indie Folk collection!

Indie Folk 1

Indie Folk 2

The rich saturated colors and eclectic prints are so dreamy, I can't wait to sew with them after Quilt Market! I'm hoping to decide on a plan to have ready to start once I'm back home!

Indie Folk Love!

Indie Folk

These fabric are the perfect complement to these changing days and the season that's upon us. Now I can't wait for Fall sewing!

I'll be back with soon with some Love Story fabrics to share, I hear they should be arriving any day!
xo Maureen


  1. Love the paper flowers - do you have a source for directions for these flowers. Thanks.

  2. EEEPPPP! LOVE LOVE LOVE the flowers! Can't wait to see the whole display :) I just can't get over the fact that I grew up in Houston, moved to Atlanta when I was 28 and didn't start quilting until I was 31... I need to go visit during Quilt Market :)

    I also ADORE Pat's new line! Looks right up your alley, Maureen! Can't wait to see what you create... And in your new FAB studio! :)

  3. I love crepe paper flowers -- especially HUGE ones. I just made some over summer for a baby shower - for the mama chair.
    I love Pat Bravo's new fabrics. They are beautiful
    Best wishes preparing for Houston

  4. If you aren't already, you should follow _papetal_ on instagram - she creates amazing crepe paper flowers and posts videos on her account.

  5. Visiting your blog is always candy for the eyes.


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