Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Denim Patchwork Stockings : :

Denim Patchwork Stockings

Making holiday stockings are right up there with my favorite things to make! I LOVE patchwork and unique, dreamy, homey décor with a bohemian feel is without a doubt my style for decorating each room in our home, so why not make holiday stockings with the same feel for holiday decorating!

Denim Patchwork Stockings

This week on my Instagram I shared a little peek of the denim patchwork I've spent the last couple of days making, and today I'm so excited to share this new handmade holiday item with all of you!

AGF Denim for Stockings

Making Denim Twine

Denim Floral Clusters

Denim Patchwork Stockings

I started my own stocking assembly line using the pattern I created last year by tracing one of my favorite extra-large sized stockings purchased several years ago before I had learned to sew, to use as my template. I pulled out my collection of AGF Denim Studio solid smooth and printed denims, first I sewed together strips and then added my patchwork using my Quick Quilt As you Go method to create these double-sided stockings that can be hung whichever direction you choose!

Denim Patchwork Stocking

Each stocking is lined with my navy & white Wild and Free Woven Path quilting cotton and the hanging loops are made with a thick & sturdy heavyweight AGF denim!

Floral Cluster Details

With each stocking comes a beautiful denim + fabric + felt flower cluster with handmade denim twine that I made, as well. I had so much fun making these and love how they turned out! Each is finished with a vintage ricrac loop so they can be easily removed to double as a pretty ornament, as well!

Denim + Felt + Little Town

Denim Floral Clusters

Stocking Details

Holiday Stockings 2017

You can find these new quilted denim patchwork holiday stockings and my other handmade gift items in my Etsy Shop

I hope you love them as much as I do!!  XO Maureen


  1. I can't stop looking at these! LOVE them!! Love the detailing and flower embellishment!

  2. Love those. I am making my nephew stockings from my late father's shirts. I have some of his denim too. Thanks for the idea! You do such quality work too.

  3. I can't stop looking at these! LOVE them!! Love the detailing and flower embellishment!
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