Monday, November 13, 2017

A Bountiful Sewing Day -- Bountiful Holiday Blog Tour!

Bountiful Holiday Blog Tour

The Bountiful Holiday Blog Tour started November 1st, organized by my good friend Sharon Holland to get you inspired for holiday sewing with her beautiful Art Gallery Fabrics collection, Bountiful! Sharon + Me + ten wonderful, talented designers have joined the tour to share fast, fun, inspiring projects! Here's the list of names and dates so you can catch up,  join us and follow along!

11-01  Mathew Boudreaux  Mister Domestic
11-02  AnneMarie Chany  Gen X Quilters
11-03  Brooke Sellmann  Silly Mama Quilts
11-06  Blair Stocker  Wise Craft Handmade
11-07  Silvia Sutters  A Stranger View
11-08  Peta Peace  She Quilts A Lot
11-09  Sharon Holland  Sharon Holland Designs
11-10  Heather Andrus  Quilt Story
11-13  Maureen Cracknell  Maureen Cracknell Handmade
11-14  Anjeanette Klinder  Anjeanettek
11-15  Alexis Wright  My Sweet Sunshine Studio
11-16  Katie Skoog  The Simple Life Company

Bountiful LOVE

I couldn't decide on just one Bountiful project to make and share today, so last week I had myself a Bountiful sewing day! I went to my studio early and spent the entire work day sewing with this pretty collection. My to-make list included a variety of pillows and bags and I'm so happy with each of the things I was able to make!

Each of the four finished projects I have to share today started with cutting several 1.5" x wof strips from the dozen or so Bountiful prints I had in my stash. First up is my Bountiful Shine Pillow -- a mini remake of my Soulful QAYG!

Bountiful Shine Pillow

For this 18" pillow I separated the Bountiful blues from the coral and yellow prints to create this pretty diamond pattern that looks to radiate from the center!

Bountiful Shine Pillow

For my second pillow project I used more of the same narrow strips to create one of my Herringbone qayg pillows, adding in AGF denims and keeping like colors together to create a pretty rainbow order pattern!

Bountiful Herringbone Pillow

Bountiful Herringbone Pillow

Bountiful Herringbone Pillow

Using up the trimmed away length scraps from my two pillow projects, I stitched up two Bountiful zipper bags in the perfect size for art supplies or cosmetics. The pattern used for this first one again is my herringbone qayg pattern with a fun yellow zipper and tassel detail.

Boutiful Zipper Bags

This Bountiful bag reverses to an identical pattern on the back side. I picked up a dozen or so of these tassel keychains on clearance when I was shopping last Spring and they have been perfect for adding to my new zipper pouch obsession!

Bountiful String Bag

This next bag and final Bountiful project is a larger size bag with boxy corners perfect for carrying larger items such as notecards and markers or a hair brush and hair accessories. I love using up scraps when making these zipper pouches & bags and experimenting with different quilt patterns & sizes. They are so much fun to make!

Bountiful Make-up Bag

Bountiful Make-up Bag Reversed

I LOVED my Bountiful sewing day! If you haven't yet added this collection to your stash, you can find it available in my sponsor's shop Fat Quarter Shop, Lady Belle Fabrics and + Sharon has organized two Giveaways for the holiday tour -- one on her blog Sharon Holland Designs at the end of the tour, thanks to Fat Quarter Shop: Bountiful Harvest Giveaway, and one on Instagram for sharing maker's posts of your favorite tour projects. Pop over to Sharon's IG for chances to win there!

Be sure to visit Quilt Story to see the pretty Bountiful dress she made and to stop by Anjeanette Klinder to see tomorrow's inspirational project! I can't wait!

Thank you so much for stopping by and I hope you enjoy my Bountiful projects! xx Maureen


  1. I wish I could have been there for your Bountiful sewing day--It would be a blast to have a sewing day with you, Maureen! My tour wouldn't have been complete without you. I'm always inspired to sew from your projects and love that you use every last scrap of fabric. Thank you my friend for being part of my tour!

    1. Thank YOU! I enjoyed every second of sewing with your beautiful Bountiful collection!

  2. What a great pillow, love the look of it

  3. Oh this fabric is very pretty. I love the pillow and the bags. Very nice

    1. Thank you, Rosemary! I think I could have made anything with these fabrics and it would have turned out pretty!

  4. Love the bags! Where is the pattern for each?

  5. Maureen your pillows, pouches are so beautiful. I love the QAYG method of yours and of course Sharon's Bountiful collection adds such pretty movement.


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