Monday, November 7, 2016

Garden Dreamer Stitching : :

It's going to be another week before my Garden Dreamer fabrics arrive and I cannot wait! I have so much planned for this new collection!

Bumble Buzz

Once again my overzealous nature has me already creating Garden Dreamer projects before I have a stitch of fabric in hand!

This time I decided to make my own Garden Dreamer fabric featuring two of my favorite designs, Sprinkled Peonies & Bumble Beez, using a lovely combination of hand & machine embroidery, applique, Aurifil thread, and AGF denim & linen!

Texture LOVE!

I began this project by enlarging my original, scanned bumble bee & peony sketches and printed them out to use as a guide for my applique and stitching. Then using a variety of Aurifil thread weights, raw edge applique, and both machine stitching on my Janome plus hand stitching, I recreated those sketches into fabric form. Art Gallery Linen and Denim made the perfect canvas for this project!

Hand Quilting with Aurifil 50wt

Unfortunately my photos don't show the amazing texture of this project, I love it!

Peony Appique

You can see that I framed my embroidered linen with patchwork in some of my favorite AGF denim colors.

Sprinkled Peonies & Bumble Beez

I plan to finish this into a new pillow this afternoon to share tomorrow, so be sure to stop back!

Happy Monday! ♡ Maureen


* p.s. I'm thrilled to share that you can preorder Garden Dreamer at Lady Belle Fabrics here  ----->


  1. this is amazing! I'm so excited for this fabric line! and can't wait to see the finished pillow :)

  2. I love this style. Right down my alley. Gorgeous

  3. Great Job! Doing hand and free motion machine embroidery is something I really enjoy doing also. Although, it has been awhile since I have done a project. Seeing your beautiful artistic thread painting has my fingers itching to grab up some fabric and just create! Thank you so much for sharing and encouraging! Have a fantastic creative day!

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  5. Incredible work!!! I am always blown away by your work!

  6. My best congratulations on your wonderful site!

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