Thursday, June 9, 2016

A Pleated Pillow : :

A Pleated Pillow

Continuing on with my AGF Denim obsession, yesterday I stitched up a new pillow combining a variety of denim solids & prints, fabric strips from my Fleet & Flourish Gentle Mantle in Land stripe, and cotton/linen Soft Sand Canvas. Inspired by a pillow I purchased from Anthropologie several years ago, I decided to experiment with a fun technique of layering and pleating narrow strips of fabrics to create a beautiful design!

Layering Strips

Finished with Satin Stitch

Pillow Pleat Detail

I simply used the satin stitch on my Janome set at a slightly larger than standard width, with an Aurifil 50wt in Navy from my Bohemian Garden Thread Box, where you see the fabric strips folded in and gathered together to reveal the pretty pattern. I love the added texture and structure!

Bound in Denim 1

For the pillow backing and binding I used even more denim, of course!

Backed & Bound in Denim

I truly can't tell you how much I love sewing with this new denim! It's so easy to work with and perhaps I love it most because it's inspiring me to attempt so many new things -- my first quilt as you go tote bag, this new pillow, and I even turned the short strip scraps I had laying around into a little pouch last night before bed. I'll share that soon!

If you have any questions about sewing with Art Gallery Fabrics denim, feel free to ask! I think it's about time I start a new quilt using it, don't you think?

A Pleated Pillow in Denim & Canvas

♡ Maureen


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  2. I love this pillow and the use of denim strips!

  3. That pleat is super! Adds a really pretty texture and shows the stripes off beautifully!

  4. Wow this is gorgeous! Love the pretty fabrics and the pleats.

  5. Very nice! Love the color combination and the dimensions.

  6. Very nice! Love the color combination and the dimensions.

  7. Beautiful, great fabrics and design!

  8. Lovely - really like the pleated effect!

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  10. I'm curious about whether the AGF denims are actually denims in weight, weave, or whatever, or are they quilting weight? Thanks.

  11. Thank you for this nice post ... and smiling (for no obvious subject)!


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