Tuesday, February 24, 2015

A Wanderlust Quilt Top : :

Wanderlust Quilt Top

Today is my stop on April Rhodes' Wanderer Fabric Tour that I am so, so excited to be a part of! At Fall Quilt Market I completely fell in love with this new, inspiring collection and have been so looking forward to it's release!

Wanderer LOVE!  Wanderlust Quilt Top

A couple of weeks ago I shared a peek of my plan for a flying geese quilt featuring each lovely Wanderer print with a mix of complimenting AGF Pure Element solids in a layout that I was really excited about. I'm calling this my Wanderlust Quilt. The name is inspired by the prints themselves that tell a story of World travel, adventure and dreams. And, is equally inspired by the flow and movement of my flying geese pattern!

Wanderer Flying Geese

I love the impact of separating each of these beautiful Wanderer fabric colors!

Wanderer in Fiery Orange

Wanderer in Blue

Here we are at Cherry Springs Vista, an amazing place to view the rolling hills of Potter County, even in sub-zero temperatures!

Wanderlust Quilt top

I'm definitely not finished playing with this beautiful collection! I have several more Wanderer projects and plans in the works that I'll be sharing throughout the next few weeks, I can't wait! In the meantime, be sure to check out the rest of the Wanderer Tour stops! Here's the full list...

Sunday Feb. 15 - Nicole Morgenthau - finchsewingstudio.com
Monday Feb. 16 - Holly Hughes - hollygetsquilty.com
Tuesday Feb. 17 - Shannon Cook - veryshannon.com
Wednesday Feb. 18 - Becca Bryan -  bryanhousequilts.com
Thursday Feb. 19 - Rochelle New - luckylucille.com
Friday Feb. 20 - Kate -  http://seekatesew.com
Saturday Feb. 21 - Amber - oneshabbychick.typepad.com
Sunday Feb. 22 - Caroline Hulse - sewcaroline.com
Monday Feb. 23 - John Adams - quiltdad.com
Tuesday Feb. 24 - Maureen Cracknell - maureencracknellhandmade
Wednesday Feb. 25 - Delia - deliacreates.com
Thursday Feb. 26 - Kelly - cutcutsew.com
Friday Feb. 27 - Christopher Thompson - thetattooedquilter.com
Saturday Feb. 28 - Jen - www.littlewifepowerhouse.com

Of course there's also an amazing Giveaway!

Wanderer Tour Giveaway!

Enter to win! --> Here's how, simply follow April (@aprilarhodes) on IG and repost any of the Wanderer Tour photos with #wanderertourgiveaway and she will randomly choose a winner from the hashtags pool on March 1st! You can find my Wanderer, Wanderlust quilt top to share on Instagram right HERE!

As always, thanks so much for stopping by!


  1. Beautiful! Love the blankety vibe. A modern classic!

  2. A great quilt with beautiful fabrics and an amazing pattern :-)

  3. Love the amazing shapes you've created with the prints here! It has so much wonderful movement that it feels free but not lost. Wanderlust is certainly the perfect name for it!

  4. Beautiful love the colors and pattern of this quilt!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous!!! Love this fabric and your quilt AND you photography!!!!

  6. Love your work! beautiful colors. Question: how do you take the outdoor pictures of your quilts? Do you have quilt on a dowel with someone behind it holding it up?

  7. Such a pretty quilt top! It looks stunning in the photos!

  8. Beautiful quilt! I love the colors...and the photos are just lovely!

  9. Oh that's a gorgeous quilt. Um... no no... I have 4 quilt tops in progress... must not...

  10. I really like how you put this together Maureen

  11. Another fabulous quilt. You are a prolific quilter! It must have been a chilly photo shoot with all that snow!!

  12. So unique, great job!

  13. This quilt is beautiful! Love, love, love.

  14. Your beautiful pictures make me want to go buy some right now ! I'm not on IG so I can'e repost, but I would if I could !

  15. Modern meets flying geese, I love it! Thanks as always Maureen for you awesome tutorials!

  16. Just beautiful ... stunningly so.

  17. This is soooo gorgeous! I am just finishing up my very first flying geese quilt, based on Jeni Baker's Fly Home pattern!...and I flipped every other one, too :) your color blocking is fantastic...seriously, soooo gorgeous!!

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