Thursday, February 26, 2015

A Scrappy Film Strip Pillow : :

Scrappy Film Strip Pillow

Throughout this week, Amy Ellis of Amy's Creative Side is hosting her second annual Pillow Collective series to inspire fun, fresh, patchwork pillow making! You can find my last year's pillow tutorial contribution right here. As you know, I love making pillows for their quick, yet satisfying finish! Creating a new pillow is such a great, functional way to test out a new quilt idea or fabric pull and so, this year Amy asked us to use one of the blocks in her new book Think Big as the inspiration for our pillows!

I decided to use Amy's Film Strip block pattern for my pillow design inspiration, with a super scrappy twist, choosing a fabric mix of Art Gallery's Wild & Free, Wanderer, Winged, and Prisma Elements!

tiny patchwork

Each of the blocks in Think Big are 18"x18," a perfect throw pillow size, but since I happen to only have 16" inserts on hand, I had to play with my measurements a little. I love how it turned out so much that if I hadn't needed to finish this block as a pillow to share here today, I would have kept on going until I had a new quilt top!

Scrappy Film Strip Block 

I quilted up the pillow front with straight lines every 1/4" in a pretty sky blue Aurifil 40wt cotton!

Quilted with Aurifil

For the back I used one of my most favorite Wanderer prints, Crocheting Crops, with some scrappy bits leftover from the pillow front patchwork. I love these colors!

Quilted Pillow Back

After finishing with Emmy Grace quilt binding, I added in my insert, and I really love how it turned out!

Bound in Emmy Grace

Scrappy Film Strip Pillow

Color Love!

Scrappy Film Strip Pillow Back

Be sure to check out Amy Ellis' blog this week to see all the other Think Big pillow creators. I was so excited to see Amy Smart's Wild & Free pillow! Amy Ellis is offering 30% off all copies of Think Big purchased from her online shop, now through March 1st, just use the coupon code: ILOVEPILLOWS at checkout! There's also a fun Giveaway including fabric bundles and even a quilt made from Amy's Moda Modern Neutrals fabric collection! To enter to win, all you need to do is Pin (via Pinterest) any pillow image from this week's Pillow Collective tour using the hashtag #ThinkBigBook and #PillowCollective. You can visit Amy's blog for more details. Enjoy! 

♡ Maureen    


  1. Gorgeous color and fabric combo!

    1. My current favorite! I'm definitely not done with these colors & fabric yet!!

  2. I love everything you make. It must be so fun to be using fabric you designed!

    1. Thank you Stacy!! It's the best! Especially when I combine it with the beautiful fabric my friends have designed!! ♡

  3. I love these colors, and the pillow turned out beautifully!

  4. I love it. Great block also, I can see it as a quilt

  5. You inspire me with your quilts and pillows.

  6. I saw this on Instagram and really loved it. I think making it scrappy is a really clever twist and a great way to use up those precious bits. Your colour choices are lovely.

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