Thursday, April 25, 2013

One Bag, Two Blocks : :

Cross Body Patchwork Satchel

On Tuesday I finished up one of three bag plans I have for the kids, specifically to carry around their new notebook and pencil sets. I'm really happy with how it turned out, except for one little big problem -- my measurement were off, whoops! I wrote out some quick dimensions before beginning, based on the size of their books and supplies. I added to that an allowance for boxing out the bottom corners, and I completely forgot to add in the allowance I would need for sewing the front and back pieces of the bags together. It is exactly 1/2" too small in it's width. The sketchbooks still fit, but much to snug to make them the easy bags I had envisioned. Good news, it does fit the Kindles perfectly and will no doubt be useful in other ways, but still....grrr!

After that it was nice to move onto making some blocks for Quilts For Boston. I made two so far. This first one is simple and although I improvised, I think it will fit in with traditional style quilt blocks.

Block 1 -- Quilts for Boston

The second is very improv, which is my absolute favorite thing to do! It's so fun and free!

Block 2 -- Quilts for Boston

Spending yesterday stitching up these blocks was both enjoyable and comforting. I'm grateful to have had this chance to help, a huge thanks to the BMQG!

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  1. Love the improv too, I really need to learn how to do this!

  2. very beautiful blocks! Is it terrible to say I'm kind of glad you make mistakes too ;) Pretty bag nonetheless!

  3. Love the bag ~ I just enjoy putting together little squares and making something from them ~ it's perfect!
    Nice blocks too ~ I've got to get some done ~ want to participate for the Boston quilts.

  4. I do those type of mistakes all the time! Last week I struggled with a block to find I was 1/2 inch off. Lots of sewing and re-sewing.

  5. I made so many mistakes like that and convinced myself I couldn't make anything without a pattern. Fortunately, I came to my senses and haven't bought a pattern in a while. Well, except for making clothes!
    I love the quilt blocks!

  6. The Bag is great, I need a beach bag and have to have it the top will flip over and stay

  7. Bummer on the measurements, but love the blocks

  8. You're blocks are just beautiful. I am sure they will go a long way to help the healing process for whomever receives them.

  9. Just found your blog via RBD on FB.. Very impressive approach to your craft. I very much like the way you see fabric then integrate it; emotional..playful, very thoughtful. And with purpose. I am an 'old school' quilter from many years again. Recently, I was re- introduced to the craft with its modern quilting techniques,tools, and fabulous fabrics (such as this bundle) I find the entire process Exciting and inspiring. Thank you Maureen for sharing your wonderful blog. Linda Dama (Colorado)

    1. Thank you so much for the sweet comment, Linda! It means so much!!


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