Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Scattered : :

I feel like I have sooo much catching up to do and I'm not at all sure where to start?! I didn't sew much since I announced my break back in late July. Just my Indie quilt and a few other little things and that's about it. I did however, SHOP! I took advantage of some very generous fabric sales and was waiting, like many of you, for a few 'must-have collections' to be released. I had planned to start today by sharing my late Summer stashings, and then this morning I thought -- "Do you all want to see?" I personally LOVE taking pictures of new fabric, and with that excitement think that all of you might love to see. Maybe I'll even introduce some of you to something new that you'll love, too. Is that true?? I really hope so!!

While I wait for your answer, I'll admit today that in light of this new routine, I am completely scatter-brained! I'm jumping all over the place with my projects and I'm not sure what I'm doing, because I'm not sure what I want to do?

Here's what's scattered on my sewing table now. I know I love the colors together, but have no idea what I'm making!


I made this block a while ago. It's already quilted and was going to become a tote bag. It's been taped on this wall for months!

on my wall

I finally took it down yesterday, pulled a few of my favorite coordinating Oval and Pure Elements and started cutting and piecing. Still with no plan!

So, what do you think it should become -- the tote bag, a new floor pillow, the beginnings of a quilt-as-you-go quilt? I'd love some help!!

on my table

How about from this angle -- any ideas?? I know it's not much yet, but it's definitely something?

loving these colors right now

There is one thing I am certain of today -- I love my new vintage, sewing chair! Aqua blue with nail head trim.

New sewing chair -- aqua blue with nail head trim

Yes, I like it! The blue carpet...hmmm, not so much! ;)

New Chapter -- New Chair

I did finish up the owl pillow wip I shared on my facebook page, too! It's a little something for my Goddaughter Sylvia. I sent out a care package full of goodies to her and my sister Catherine in Hawaii, which they should be receiving today or tomorrow! I can't wait!! It's always fun to make something cute!!

Bright Owl Pillow for Sylvia

Thanks for all the comments, support, and understanding yesterday! It meant SO much!!

Happy Wednesday, friends!! Maureen 

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  1. Just for the record, I really enjoy seeing the fabric that you and other bloggers buy. It introduces me to new fabric and gives me a moment in my day to look at beautiful fabrics!

  2. I love seeing fabric too. I don't always have time to go and drool at what is up and coming, so seeing things posted, kind of feeds my habit.

  3. I like the idea of QAYG! Also, completley smitten with your chair!

  4. I love the fabric photos! The more the merrier...they inspire me to organize and display my own fabric....someday :)

  5. Do we like seeing fabric purchases? Hmmm ... YES!! It's almost as good (not quilt) as getting fabric in the mail. Haha. I like to see what others choose. I like the fabrics you're playing with now. I think I would make a quilt.

  6. I think you should make a super sool bag! =D

  7. oh maureen. i love the colors so much. i love your new sewing chair. it is gorgeous!

    i would make your wip into a floor pillow. i love the quilt as you go look to it but i think you really need a quick finish for yourself to give you a boost! xo

  8. I always love looking at fabric.
    I'd vote for floor pillow for your design wall UFO.
    Love your sense of color and design.

  9. Yes, let's see fabrics. I am good at resisting fabric until I see Rita fan it out on the Sunday Stash. Then suddenly I feel like I have to have it RIGHT NOW!

    1. Oh Jenny! Can you imagine how much fabric shopping Rita is responsible for! Speaking just for myself -- ALOT!! ;)

  10. Ohhh, sale shopping, always a joy! Loving the new chair too, how cool!

  11. I love the owl pillow, is there a tutorial?

  12. I'm SO JEALOUS of your sewing chair, trés chic!
    Love your owl pillow and think your block should be a tote. Thanks for another great post. :)

  13. A quilt would look gorgeous in those blocks! Loving the chair, the carpet should be brighter perhaps...and carpet with sewing stuff?
    Such a cute pillow!! =D

  14. That chair is gorgeous! Sometimes when I have too many projects and don't know where to start, I write a list then have Random Number Generator pick an item for me to do ;)

  15. Love your chair. Love those colors together too. When I saw them the first thing I thought is that they would make a pretty quilt. Never tire of looking at fabric whether in person or pics. Hate to see one of our local quilt shops close but I did have fun buying fabric there last week.

  16. I soooo look forward to seeing your new fabric! I see your wip as a full apron with the quilted square as the top. I love the colors and it will be fabulous no matter what it ends up being!

  17. Would love to know what your must have collections are. I bought Chicopee and Madrona road as soon as they came out, I also need Bella and the new Jay McCarrol. Then indeed to stop ;)

  18. Lovely fabrics and I can't decide what I think your block would look good in - probably lots&lots of things!

  19. Yes, fabric shots please :)

    I like your original idea of a pillow. Sometimes our first ideas are the best, no?

  20. Love those colors together! I am a thinking a pillow would be awesome!

  21. I personally like sharing and seeing fabric stashing pictures. But in moderation, like everything else! But yes, please share what you've purchased lately! And I love the in-progress work. You'll figure out what it wants to be. ;)

  22. I'd love to see some of you new fabrics! I always get inspired by what other people love! And I'm in the quilt as you go club! I'd really love to see a tutorial on how to do it! Oh and I am loving the colors that you're working with :)


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