Wednesday, April 11, 2012

A Good Day : :

I stayed determined yesterday to make it back to the sewing room and hooray! It turned out to be a wonderful sewing day after all! With temperatures cold enough to produce snow flurries off and on, and some worn out kiddos from all the Easter celebrating, a relaxing day is just what we all needed.

First thing to check off my list, of course, my Bottled Rainbows Quilt top! It's all pieced and I'm so thrilled with it! I'm still figuring out my plan for the back, but I now think it's best to just keep it simple. Hopefully by early next week I will be completely finished with this one!!

Bottled Rainbows Quilt Top

Since my sewing room is such a small space and seams to be closing in on me a little more with each fabric purchase, it's tight quarters when there are five of us + a large quilt in there. The kids were more than happy to play a computer game while I sewed those long panels together.


My daughter even began work on a new quilt design for me, putting all those Easter basket art supplies to great use -- I think she has something here!?

My LIttle Quilt Designer

The only one of the five of us who wasn't completely enjoying themselves was Lily. Just look at that face! I relocated her fabric bed to a spot other than my main work surface and now she's mad.

not happy

Next, I moved on to my etsy orders. Done!

Etsy Crown Orders

I received some Fabric Envy mail! I won an amazing giveaway on the Fabric Envy blog recently, and now I'm blessed to welcome this fabulous shop as an MCH Sponsor. Aren't they pretty?

Fabric Envy Mail!

I planned out my next Design Team project for Riley Blake Designs. I get to use their Chevrons to create a new tutorial and then give a bundle of them away right here!! I can't wait! You can find these in the shops of most of my sponsors, but you better hurry, they are going fast!!

Riley Blake Chevrons for my next Design Team Project!

Finally, late last night I found a little alone time, and decided to begin a new Sketch Stitch - thread drawing project. This one's going to be a mini quilt for my girl. I'm always dreaming up new project ideas and am slowly working out my plan for these Sketch Stitch projects of mine. More on that soon!

new sketch stitch wip

Have a beautiful day, friends!!



  1. I LOVE that quilt top! And that chevron fabric is divine.

  2. I am so amazed at all you can accomplish in a day. Makes me miss my days at home.
    On a positive note, I did get a bunch of sewing done yesterday. Some(43) small accessories to add to the shop when I reopen. It felt so good to have uninterrupted time in there.
    Make sure you stop by my blog sale. I finally got it started today:)

  3. This post is so inspiring, the projects are fantastic, the fabrics are gorgeous, and how nice of your daughter to design for you!!!!! Not wonder your quilts are always so nice!

  4. Adore your quilt top, and your kitty is too cute. :))

  5. Each picture is very beautiful, thank you for sharing them with us!

  6. So glad you had a productive day! The quilt top is gorgeous! I had two college kids home on the wkd and the two younger ones are home this week. I'm slowly getting back to sewing...but it's always a challenge in my little studio which is also home office/craft room and sewing room!

  7. so much! My studio is a disaster. Luckily our spring break was two weeks ago! Excited to see what you do with the chevrons!

  8. the quilt top is stunning!! tell me you machine appliqued the blocks and not by hand???? Are you keeping this beauty all for yourself?
    Funny how cats always love to get in on the sewing action isn't it? Poor Lily :) x

  9. Those blocks look gorgeous together, that is a beautiful quilt and can't wait to see how you quilt it.


  10. I have a couple of questions for you... I'm new to quilting so please bear with me. : )

    Why did you do the applique with the batting attached to your quilt block?

    And, so now that your blocks are sewn together, and the seams have the 'bulk' of the batting in them as well as the quilt top, how does that affect the feel of the quilt?


    1. With Ticker Tape style quilting, you raw edge applique each piece onto a solid piece of fabric, layered with batting, and usually the backing fabric, as well.

      Here is a link to my friend Rachel's explanation. She is the host of the Bottled Rainbows Quilt-along and she blogs at Stitched In Color.

      The result is a soft, beautiful quilt, that feels wonderful. I promise!

  11. Hooray for productivity! Those chevrons look delicious! What solids are they paired with? They seem like a perfect match.

    1. I asked Riley Blake for coordinating solids and they sent them to me along with the chevrons. I'll see if I can find out!

      Thanks Elena!!

  12. Glad to see you had a very productive day! I myself have grabbed a few of the chevron prints =D

  13. Fab collection of makes, and can't wait to see what you do with those chevrons :o) That is very definitely not a happy kitty though lol

  14. So many wonderful photos :) Kids look having fun and Lily's stare speaks for itself :)))
    The quilt is soooo beautiful!


  15. What a gorgeous Bottle Rainbow quilt! Luv, luv your applique! Cute family too, although kitty is definitely not happy. Can't wait to see what you do with the chevrons.

  16. Love it! And I can't wait to see your chevron project! :D

  17. This quilt is so amazing. I'm interested in seeing how you do the backing. Thanks for the link to Stitched in Color. I'm going to give that technique a try when my scrap box gets fuller. (Still new at this!)Finally, I just love that your cat like the fabric bed. Must be a feline thing!

  18. I'm so far behind on reading my blogs, but I just had to stop and say how much I love your Bottled Rainbow. Excellent job!!!

  19. Such wonderful projects, Maureen! Your Bottled Rainbows is spectacular!

  20. I'm so excited for your Bottled Rainbows! I bet your sewing room does get crowded! Lily's irritated face is priceless.

  21. Maureen, Did you use fusible web to attach your appliques on the quilt top? I have a few applique quilts I started and sewed all the appliques on by hand so far. As you know, it takes a long time and I want them done NOW ;-) I'm thinking about doing the rest with fusible web and then doing some applique on top with my sewing machine which will be faster. As long as I have that quilted stitch on it which includes the batting, I think it will give it that dimension I think makes all the difference (if you know what I mean.)

  22. I absolutely love your bottled rainbows quilt, it's stunning

  23. This quilt is amazing! I just love it!!


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