Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Polka Dots and Felt : :

I seem to be all about two things these days -- polka dots and felt. I love them both, it's true!! This colorful bundle quickly caught my eye! It's the 1/2 yd bundle of Kaffe Fassett's Spots from Moona Fabrics. Aren't the colors marvelous!! It took me two days to decide between the 23 fat quarter or the 12 print 1/2yd cut bundle. When I am not sure what I am going to use a fabric for, but I really, really want it, I always stash half yard cuts. That just works out best for me, being the crazy pillow making lady that I am. Fat quarters are just never enough. With that said, it was pretty difficult for me to pass up getting all those gorgeous colors that the fat quarter bundle offers. How about you, what do you prefer?

SPOTS by Kaffe Fassett

My felt arrived yesterday, as well! I ordered 16 new colors to add to those I already have and I am so excited! Since so many of you have been asking -- I purchase my felt wholesale, but if you're looking for purchasing smaller quantities, you can find this wool blend felt here, along with a pure wool felt and a bamboo option. The blend with a higher wool percentage works wonderful for sewing! I will be sending a very colorful stack, including a sheet of each color from my stash, to the winner of this weekend's giveaway for the Fab Felt workshop!!

wool blend felt

I snapped this photo last night shortly after dark. I had truly forgotten how early we lose the light this time of year. It's funny how that effects us bloggers, isn't it? I'm going to have to make sure I take all my pictures much earlier in the day for the next few months.

This is the wall I look at while I sew. There's a lot going on here, huh? Everything is held up by a teeny tiny sewing pin. I like to have my wips where I can see them. There is a door to the right that my quilts in progress drape over and a dress form in front of that, that wears my aprons, scarves, and birthday crowns.

my sewing room

I has just pinned this polka dot, felt wip to the wall before I stepped back and decided I should take a photo. I forget to do that pretty often. I usually share the fabrics and then the finished item, not much in between. I plan to work on that, too!

polka dot wip

And finally, I have a new Christmas pillow (number three) in the works. For this one I am combining quilting a favorite Christmas print of mine, with polka dot fabrics, and a bit of red piping.

Christmas, Polka dots, and Piping Pillow

I'll have more of this one, along with hopefully a quick tutorial for my Felt Garland Holiday Pillow, to share tomorrow!


  1. I am pretty darn excited about the tutuorial...I am in need of some Christmas pillows this season! And that inspiration wall of yours...can you box all of that up and ship it to Lexington? I need some of those lovely things to look at each day ;)

  2. Oh my gosh, those spots are beautiful!! Swoon!

  3. Oh! Those polkadots are so cheery! They make me smile on a dreery rainy day like I'm having today.

  4. I meant to include the obvious lighting difference in the last three photos. I never use a flash, and am wondering, do most of you just simply avoid taking photos after dark? Or do you use special lighting?

    I am just curious, because so much of my picture taking happens in the early evening and now it's dark shortly after 5!!

  5. Oooh fun!! I am working on something new with polka dots too. Whee!!

  6. I love polka dots. I use them all the time. That fat quarter bundle is calling my name :)

    The time change really is a bummer for bloggers, isn't it? I went to take some pictures Sunday at 4:30, and I had completely missed my window of opportunity. I take all of my finished product photos outside in natural light. I will take process photos with a flash at night because that's pretty much the only time I get to sew.

    Can't wait to see that Christmas pillow... it looks delightful :)

  7. Just love your cheerful house pillows! P.S. Do we get to see the finished product of your owl pillows using AMH's Hugs & Kisses fabric sometime soon?

  8. I really love polka dots and so does my daughter. In fact, she was loving them before they became so popular. I think the fat quarter bundles are great!

  9. LOVE the colors and polka dots! If I don't know what I'm going to make, I prefer the half yard cuts. Your wip wall is so very inspirational!

  10. I have some felt and books I need to try out, haven't worked with felt in ages, so will be fun making some christmas items with it.


  11. Love love the polka dots. I'm with you on the lack of light thing. Sewing at night after work doesn't really help my cause, either!

  12. Now that is a nice stack of felt. Such pretty colors.

  13. I'm feeling the Kaffe spots, too. I have been ogling them on etsy for a long time! Your inspiration wall is lovely. The wall in front of my sewing machine is a hodge podge, too. I love that sort of look!

  14. I love polka dots! And your little bird project is so CUTE!

  15. Mmm.. the dots and felt are both so delish! I love those fassett dots too. Where's my Christmas list?

  16. The pile of beautiful polka-dot fabrics is certainly a pick-me-up. It's hard not to feel happier just looking at such scrumptious colors decked out in fun, happy dots.

  17. i am so in love with those kaffe dots. i honestly prefer 1/2 yard cuts but find that i buy fat quarters mostly when i buy online. i rarely buy fat quarters when i am in a quilt shop. i wish i had that huge pile of felt! oh my!

  18. Oh my, I'm very fond of polka dots myself :)) and those felt pieces looks magnificent!
    Great buyings!



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