Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Good Things : :

Sorry for my absence yesterday! I had every intention of getting this post together in time to share just before I left for my Dr's appointment in Erie, but it turned out to be one of those mornings. You know the kind, where you feel yourself rushing around and moving in slow-motion all at the same time. Today, well I am feeling a little bummed about yesterday, so it turns out that it's great that I have this post full of good, stitchy things that are making me happy right now!

After my last Bottled Ranbows Quilt post, I've spent quite a bit of time thinking about how I'm going to finish off this quilt. It's been up in the air for me, going back and forth between adding some dark with grey sashing and quilting thread or keeping it light? I think either option would make me happy, but then I saw Angela's photo of this wonderful, colorful bunting fabric come through flickr and I knew that it would be the perfect fabric to finish off this quilt of mine. It arrived Saturday from Cotton Blossom Farm and I love it!

The fabric for the back of my BRQ is here!

Here's the newest member of my BRQ family -- My Pink Flower Dance quilt block.

BRQB -- Petal Block

Realizing I am getting close to finishing this quilt, I think I only have four blocks to go, I decided to stash some new pretty solids. Possibly for a new quilt, but mostly just to have handy. I love seeing that stack of solids on the shelf! This is the Blogger Bundle from Pink Castle Fabrics.

solid stashing

This past weekend all of my sewing time, and then some, was spent making more Birthday Crowns. I think there are eleven here! I am expecting a HUGE wholesale delivery of new wool blend felt any day now and I can't wait to begin all the making! This Friday I am also planning an exciting new giveaway for a lovely stack of felt, along with a chance to win Betz White's new Fab Felt Holiday workshop, so be sure to stop back for that!!!

this weekend's crowns

Today, I plan to take an easy and finally finish off a winter scarf for me!! This one has been on the needles long enough!

weekend knitting

Happy stitching, friends!


  1. Wow, the flowers look amazing! Really nice. Well done.

  2. LOVE that bunting print! Its too cute!

  3. I love the color you chose for your scarf! Perfect-Cranberry-Red. :)

  4. Your color choices are always so vibrant and spot on. I love your style and the way you use color and print so harmoniously~
    Happy Tuesday from Lexington~

  5. Maureen, I hope the Drs. news wasn't what bummed you out. Always remember how much joy and inspiration you bring to all of us quilty/crafty folks. I wish I could have been doing all the things you are when I was young(er). Best wishes for brighter days. Cyndy

  6. Love the quilt block and the bunting fabric! Good for you taking time to make something for yourself!

  7. So many wonderful projects and love the felt crowns, those are really fun.


  8. I just came across your page while looking at fat quarterly's blog. This is so cute! I will definitely be following your blog. I love all of the felt!

  9. I love all the projects you've got on the go. And your Christmas garland pillow is adorable xo

  10. The bunting fabric will be so fun with all of your happy BR blocks! You're so close!!! And solids are always a happy stash addition.

  11. where do you get your felt? I looked to see if you sell it on etsy, but see that you don't - so wondered if you could recommend your vendor? Thanks!!

  12. Great fabrics.
    Those crowns are so cute. You have been busy.

  13. Thanks everyone! I am glad you like the bunting fabric and my newest block!

    I am getting SO close and I am SO very excited!

    Cyndylou -- Thank you! That was so sweet of you and I needed to hear that today. I typically don't get very personal here, but I am feeling that soon I might have to unload what's been going on.

    I appreciate all of you so much!!!

  14. Hopefully we can knit and drink coffee during your next trip to Erie. Hope all is well and that you get to enjoy a quiet, relaxing day. (and I'm glad you got your hands on that fabric, isn't it the cutest? Perfect for your soon to be quilt!)

  15. Look at all that loveliness!!! And did you say "stack of felt"??? Got my attention! ;)

  16. Lisa -- can you email me at maureencracknell@hotmail.com
    so I can send you on the info.
    You are a no comment blogger, so I can't message you back.


  17. i love it for the sashing. it is perfect! and i think you are going to need to make a birthday crown for my little girl. she is going to be 4 in january. she needs a crown!

  18. Really pretty, I love the red. All the colors are bright and cheery!

  19. Maureen...loving that bunting fabric and more perfect it couldn't be!!! Sometimes if you wait long enough, the right fabric just shows up to finish off a project. I've had that happen before and it's the best feeling.

    I can't wait to see completed photos!!

  20. You are definitely the Queen of Crowns!! They're just too cute for mommies to resist!

  21. That bunting fabric is too adorable!! I have seen it around, but never knew what it was. Perfect for your quilt!


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