Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Fabric Lover's Apron Tutorial : :

Loulouthi Apron Tutorial
What You Will Need : :
  • Five 1/4 yard cuts of your most favorite 44" fabric. I know, I's so hard to choose! I am using Loulouthi by Anna Maria Horner. Each 1/4 yard cut should measure 9" x 44". You can find the fabrics I chose available in the shop of my sponsor Pink Castle Fabrics.
Cutting : :

cutting fabric
  • Cut (1) from fabric 1 at 6" x 44" for the very top fabric of the skirt body
  • Cut (1) from fabric 2 at 6" x 44" for the middle fabric of the skirt body
  • Cut (1) from fabric 3 at 9" x 44" for the very bottom fabric of the skirt body
  • Cut (1) from fabric 4 at 6" x 24" for the fabric for the waistband
  • Cut (2) from fabric 5 at 3" x 44" for the fabric for the tie straps
Press fabrics and trim away selvage ends.
cutting fabrictrim the selvage

Piecing : :

*Note* Before sewing your fabric together, make certain they are running in the proper direction -- you don't want upside-down butterflies and flowers!

First, using a 1/4" seam allowance, sew together the 6" x 44" top and middle piece to the apron skirt body. Serge or use a zigzag stitch to finish off that seam to prevent fraying when washed. Press that seam down with your iron, pressing the front of the skirt body, as well. Next, sew together this piece with the 9" x 44" bottom skirt body piece. Repeat finishing off and pressing this seam as well.
sew, serge (zig zag), pressiron top
Once finished piecing the apron skirt body, all seams should be finished off and ironed so the seams are pressed down in the same direction.
all seams facing down

Hemming : : 

Next it's time to hem the edges of the apron skirt body. Taking one side at a time, press the edge over by 1/4" towards the wrong side of the fabric and again by another 1/4". For a double seam finish, sew close to the folded edge and then again along the straight edge. Do this for both sides of the apron skirt body.
fold, press. fold, pressdouble seam hem
Now it's time to hem the bottom of the skirt body. Fold in corners and repeat the same double seam process of hemming the sides, making sure to sew ironed hem down as close to the inside and outer edge as possible and to sew folds at corners down completely.
corner. hemhemmed edges

Gathering : :

It's time to create those cute, flirty pleats in the apron. To create a gathering seam you simply adjust the stitch length of your machine to a wide stitch. On my machine I set the stitch length at a number 5. Some machines have a basting stitch, as well. This will give a loose stitch and make it easy to pull the threads that will create the gather. Be sure to leave a tail when you begin to sew your gathering seams. Sew 3 separate gathering seams, making sure there is a gap in between each one (you don't want to overlap these.) Once finished, separate the top thread from the bottom.
leave a tailseperate and sinch
Carefully take your ending thread on the top of the fabric and gently pull to create the gathers. Stop once you have gathered enough until the width of your apron skirt reaches 22." Tie top and bottom threads together, knotting them securely.
create pleats until the width measure 22"tie off both sides

The Waistband : :

The waistband is simple. Using the 6" x 24" piece of fabric, create a long rectangle by turning each edge in a 1/4" facing the wrong side and pressing, the entire way around. Fold the rectangle in half keeping the length and press well.
waistband -- iron edgesfold over and iron
It's time to attach the waistband to the apron skirt body. Without disturbing those pretty pressed edges, open the waistband and slip in the apron skirt body, with about an inch (and more importantly, those gathering stitches) hidden in the waistband. Close and get your pins ready!
place skirt body inside the waistbandclose...
Make certain when you pin that you have each piece -- the top(front) of the waistband, the apron skirt body, and the bottom(back) of the waistband all pinned neatly together. Here's the pinned front and the back...
pin in placeWaistband reverse side
Once pinned, sew and go slow. Make sure you sew this straight, removing the pins as you go. Be sure to stay fairly close to that folded edge. Here's the finished sewn front and back...
sewn waistband frontsewn waistband back
Finally, finish off the waistband. Add one final stitch along the top, close to the edge. This will keep that waistband fold when you wash the apron.  
*Note* Be sure you leave both sides of the waistband open, this is where the straps will go.
stitch waist band
Now your apron is just waiting for straps!

The Straps : :

The straps are made with the two 3" x 44" pieces of fabric. This amount of fabric will make extra looong straps that can be brought around and tied in front for a sweet detail. If you prefer your apron to tie in the back, simply shorten the length of the strap to fit your preference.

The first few steps in creating the strap is very similar to the first waistband steps. Fold in all edges of the cut strap piece and press well.
fold in edges and press
Fold strap in half, keeping the length, and press well.
fold and presspress straps
Hem the strap edges. Start with the width, pivot at the edge, and stitch down the entire length of the strap. Repeat these steps to create the second strap.
stitch widthhem straps
Your straps are done!
finished strap
Time to attach the straps to the waistband. In the opening edges of the waistband, insert the unfinished edge of your strap about a 1/2." Pin in place and sew. I added two seams here to ensure that the straps are super secure. Repeat with the second strap.
tuck strap in waistbandStitch straps in place
Hooray! You.are.done!
Loulouthi Apron Tutorial
Loulouthi Apron Tutorial
Now you have your very own, one of a kind, custom-made apron in your favorite fabric!

Please let me know your thoughts, if you use this apron tutorial, and if you share that on your own blog! Sharing tutorials is something I would love to make a regular part of this blog. The only way I will know that you like them is if you let me know -- so, pretty please do!



  1. Looks great Maureen!
    You did a wonderful job on the tutorial.

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  13. HI Maureen,

    I absolutely love this skirt, the colours and the pattern are very happy-making indeed.

    Not being gifted with any sewing ability, I will be sharing with my Mum and perhaps we can tackle this together.

    Thank you for your detailed tutorial.

    Happy day!

    Felicity x

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  18. What an excellent tutorial. It's so detailed and the fabrics are so pretty. I love Anna Maria Horner's patterns and colour combos.

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  34. Adorable and you make it look so easy. I love aprons and have a special place in my heart for them... my grandma wore them!

  35. I just want to let you know I have finished three aprons using your tutorial. One for myself and two for gifts. And I have two more almost completed to put away for future gifts. Great tutorial and I posted about it on my blog today! Thanks a bunch for sharing! Come over and check out the fabrics I used.

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  37. I saw your apron as a homemade project on Hawthorn Threads- where I buy most of my fabric! It's adorable and I plan to make one myself. Thank you so much for sharing your tutorial :) I've bookmarked your site and will enjoy future posts!

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