Friday, May 13, 2011

Two more : :

In addition to making my new Sketch Stitch Pillows to send my sister, I wanted to try a couple other fun, new ideas. I am making most of these pillows to be layered on a daybed in baby Sylvia's room (who will be here in late June) -- We're all so excited!!! It's all about color and anything goes!

Here is my very first attempt at a round pillow. Originally I was going to add petals, similar to what I did with my Patchwork Flower Pillow, but decided rather to stop with the circle. The fabric I used three times is a Heather Baily print, the others I'm not sure. I just pulled a few bright, contrasting prints and gave it a go.
circle pillow
And, for the fun of it I had to make an S Pillow, just for baby Sylvia. It's definitely not perfect, but it was a lot of fun! I left both ends open for easy stuffing and closing them up went a little wonky with the stitching, hopefully Sylvia won't mind.  Of course now my own children are asking for their letters K, J, and H -- which seem much more difficult than the S, so we'll have to see.
S for Sylvia
Thanks so much for all the sweet pillow feedback you gave me here and on my facebook page, I really appreciate it!


  1. You are becoming the pillow lady! :P
    Very cute!!!

  2. The S pillow is a great idea. But, I can see where the letters are going to get tricky..

  3. That letter pillow is a smart idea--I love the fabric you used for it.

  4. That S pillow is to die for!! I absolutely love it! It's so cute, I especially love the little butterfly and how you hand-stitched the dotted line where he's flying :D And the birds and branches are so adorable. Did those come on the fabric or did you paint them on or something?


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