Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Flower Stitch Pillow

During my week away I gratefully found a little time for some unplanned sewing projects. The kind where you just sit down, start cutting, begin piecing, and then soon you have something. These are my very favorite kind of sewing projects -- all pillows, all different, all for my sister.

This is my Flower Stitch Pillow.
I cut out flowery shapes from my felt scraps basket and started layering them on a large piece of soft wool felt.
stitch flower
Using a charcoal thread, I stitched on the details just like on my other Sketch Stitch Pillows. This is quickly becoming one of my favorite things to do! I really enjoy it!
flower stitch details
The wool felt is thick enough that you don't even need a stabilizer. LOVE that!
I finished off the pillow in this fun print, actually from Jo-Ann's (I went looking for the new Denyse Schmidt -- my closest store didn't have it, of course) but I really liked the color and feel of this fabric so I brought it home instead. After all, I couldn't leave a sewing supply store empty handed, goodness no!
back fabric
For now it has a nice home on my favorite chair.
flower pillow & my chair
I have four more finished pillows to share, each very different from the next -- so, be sure to stop back!


  1. Love the pillow! One of these days, I may get bold enough to try machine sketching (but I don't know, I tend to run screaming away from a sewing machine...)!

  2. Can a pillow be happy??? I think that one is! : )

  3. This is gorgeous, love the combination of felt and the print..

  4. I love how your stitches look like they're drawings!

  5. Your work is just beautiful! I love this pillow!

  6. I LOVE it!! The front is gorgeous, and the back complements it beautifully - well done!

    ~ Jane :D

  7. I definitely think a pillow can both be happy and make you happy!

    Making these pillows feels exactly like sketching with the sewing machine. It's been wonderful for me to combine my love for drawing with my passion for sewing. TRY IT!

    Thanks for the comments everyone -- I was worried after the week off, I was forgotten! :)

  8. I love the stitched flower. I have one I stitched sitting on top of my desk right now, waiting for me to stitch it closed. I love using scraps up!

    Have a wonderful day!


    Stop by and enter to win the "HANDMADE" banner if you do craft shows.

  9. That is a gorgeous pillow! I love it!

  10. So beautiful, Maureen! Please keep sketch stitching, you do such a great job. And, I need to keep seeing it!

  11. those sketch stitch pillows are so cute! I love that style, I've just never tried it. Looks fun!

  12. WOW. This is SO beautiful! I want one!


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