Monday, April 11, 2011

Butterfly Garden Pillow(s) : :

Remember this? From about a week and a half ago. or so.
work in progress
It was inspired by this Chevron Patchwork Lampshade. I LOVE patchwork anything and am really drawn to these colors lately. Before the lampshade was even shipped, I put this block together. I knew it would become a pillow, no surprise there, right?
new lampshade. inspiration
And, I knew that block would become a butterfly with some sketch stitch details.
patchwork butterfly
My plan was to make a few more scrappy patchwork pin cushions out of what remained from the block. I started piecing my scraps together, and instead -- I ended up with yet another pillow!
closed petals
A surprise pillow! That I actually like better than the butterfly pillow I was envisioning all along. I love when that happens, don't you?
patchwork flower petal pillow
For the moment, for picture purposes and until I find a new base for it, I made a temporary spot for my new shade. Do you remember this chair? It was kinda-sorta supposed to be mine, but my cat sleeps in it all day, every day! At least now I have my new lampshade -- please tell me you see the likeness to my pillow design?
And, two new pillows!
Although, I think these are actually headed to my etsy ((smile)) and I can't decide if they are Blogger Pillow Party worthy? I really want to submit something special this month -- since it is the last month and I have had a pillow chosen for the final nine every other month and have yet to win. Oh, and have you seen the prize? Check it out and then you'll really understand why I am stressing over choosing the right pillow. LOL

Let me know what you think! o.k. And, be honest! I have a couple more weeks to make something else.   

: ) Maureen

p.s.  My Sketch Stitch Owl Pillows are being featured on My Owl Barn -- have a look!

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  1. I think both pillows are just fabulous, but I personally like the butterfly best. And the lampshade is to die for!! :)

  2. Very unique flower pillow...really like it!

    Your lampshade is awesome!!!

    I'd be kicking the cat to a new chair so you could cozy up underneath. ;-)

  3. the butterfly cushion is lovely, I need one of those in my life! It's the sort of thing that would make you smile everytime you saw it. :o)

  4. I wish I had the patience to make such pretty things! I like the flower pillow best :)

  5. I have to say my favorite is the flower. You need to put it in your I can buy it. Oh and I love the lamp shade.

  6. Oh yeah I definitely see a likeness--and I really love that lampshade

  7. That lampshade is really neat and the pillows. I need to make some pillows now.

  8. Wow those are all so beautiful! I love the flower one. It's sooo pretty.

  9. The flower surprise pillow is original and cute. I hope you win!

  10. Cuteness! The butterfly is my fav, but I love the dimension that the flower pillow has.

  11. Those are beautiful, I love the butterfly pillow.


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