Sunday, April 10, 2011

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Crafting a Meaningful Home is our newest craft book and the title alone really speaks to me. After all that is what so many of us are doing!crafting a meaningful home
It has pages full of inspiring projects, with beautiful photographs, and is the first book I have picked up in a while that has sparked so many new ideas for me. The very first photo is definitely something I would pin if I could.
page 1
Isn't it pretty? One of my favorite projects are these vases made with scrap fabric strips, which I happen to have lots of all ready. I am saving this one to do with the kiddos some day hopefully soon.
Crafting a Meaningful Home
Another great project in this book reminded me of something I started planning almost a year ago, but had forgotten -- this wonderful boys quilt. This one is made with old mens dress shirts, don't you love how they keep the buttons on for the quilt! My plan is to make a quilt similar to this for my boys, using all of their little plaid shirts I have gotten them over the last 8 years. Trust me, I have lots! And have been tucking them away with a project just like this in mind.
boys quilt
I have added Crafting A Meaningful Home to my "currently loving" widget on the right there, in case you want to check it out further.

In addition to the book stashing, I picked up this wonderful Japanese Fabric -- Aqua Teapots by Melody Miller for Kokka. I love, LOVE this fabric! It's a medium weight cotton, linen blend and I am thinking that it will make some great tea towels.
new ruby star
I recently started collecting old (and new) tea pots, so this fabric was a must have!
aqua teapots
Now, it's back to the making! Here's hoping there was a little bit of new and inspiring in your weekend, too!

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  1. I've been curious about that book. I'm gonna see if I can get my hands on a copy!

  2. I love that boys quilt! Just wonderful!

  3. That book sounds great! I'll definitely have to check it out.

  4. Thanks for the recommendation! That book was on my radar for a while, but then my radar went crazy :) Love that quilt and the teapot fabric too.

  5. I love that quilt! It is simple, but the buttons really add some charm. Great find!

  6. So funny you posted this since I just ordered the Teapot fabric for my shop! I will have it in stock soon in all colors as well as others from that collection, LOVE it!!

  7. Love the mens shirt idea! All that soft cotton - really cute!

  8. I also was curious about this book...oh well some day I will eventually get my 'wish list' off amazon :)

  9. I love the teapot fabric. And the boy's quilt! I can't wait to see how your boy's quilt turns out.


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