Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Snow Day Sewing : :

Just yesterday I shared those pretty Spring flowers and today we have a snow day -- well I guess that's North Western Pennsylvania for you!

Earlier today I was sitting on the floor making a "to do" list in the mess that is my studio and my son walked in, sat down next to me, and asked "can I make something?" For a moment I felt like holding up my list and replying, "sure, I can help you just as soon as I get through this..." but instead took advantage of some quiet time for he and I (which doesn't happen often enough) to sit in my mess, make it even messier, and make something together.

I recently picked up the book Sewing School for my kiddos and they love looking through it mostly for inspiration, just as I do with my sewing books. For whatever reason none of us seem to like to follow specific instructions or patterns, but we really appreciate the skills that we learn from collecting these type of books -- which I think is just as important as the projects themselves.
After a bit of research my little guy decided on a "pocket pouch".sewing school
He picked felt over fabric and gave me very specific instructions on what my job would be.
sewing with help
After I showed him the stitch he would be using...
snow day sewing
He was sewing solo...
whip stitching
He ended up with a super cute, very blue, little pocket pouch.
little pouch
And then for no reason at all, he cut up tiny pieces of felt and took right off to show everyone his new pouch?
watch me cut this felt up into little pieces...
More snow...more mess...and it was worth it!

Feel free to share a link to what you've been working on in the comments, so I can stop by and have a look. You can hop on over to kootoyoo to see more creative spaces and to play along.


  1. haha, it sounds like great time spent together even in the mess, even while taking orders :)

    i use my sewing books much the same way!

  2. snowy day in MN, too
    great to see boys crafting

  3. Looks like a great book! Will keep that on the radar.

  4. In NW PA, ice looks cool thru the sun!

  5. It was indeed worth it, so much concentration on that little face:) A crafter in the making...

  6. I just love the fact that your kids are as into being creative as you are! It's really nice to see boys engaged in sewing - his future wife will be so grateful! :)

  7. That seems to be the same way I seem to use my craft and sewing books, just to help spring ideas into my mind.

    Snowed in Mass too :)

    Kudos for the little guy, great skills to have! my son's learning to crotchet lately. Been a bit of a challenge (he's 3) :)

  8. He did a fantastic job :) Way to make a positive day our of a spring snowstorm :)

  9. He did a great job! You must be one proud mum :)Time well spent in my books. The mess will still be there to be cleaned tomorrow ;)

  10. it looks fantastic. Nobody really likes following instructions in our house either...
    The book looks interesting, I'll have to keep my eyes open for that one.

  11. Oh, I just saw your wonderful post and had to comment. I love how your son used the book just like adults use books - to inspire and maybe get a few tips. We really wanted the book to be a kids version of our favorite craft books.

    The pocket pouch is wonderful! The felt snow is even better. That's the whole idea behind the book - get creative and start sewing. Thanks for sharing!


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