Tuesday, March 22, 2011

making me happy : :

: : our first Spring blossoms -- although snow is on the way, ack!
Our First Spring Flowers
: : more pin cushion making -- details here and here
scrappy patchwork pin cushion #4
: : reading because he wants to -- Yes!
around the corner
: : birthday crown making -- details here
Abby Birthday Crown
: : the rainbow of Kona's waiting for me -- I'm almost ready!
kona rainbow


  1. Beautiful photos. I saw the first signs of Spring this weekend and couldn't have been more excited. Lets hope that it's here to stay.

  2. I love that pin cushion! I've been wanting a pretty pin cushion and that may be just what I'm looking for! I also love your curtains, with all the different patterns. So pretty!

  3. love the flowers! great photos :)

  4. What lovely photos! And I'm happy with you for the boy. I'm looking forward to seeing that happen around here someday. Of course, first they will have to learn how to read....

  5. That is one fabulous crown. Hope the snow gets shoved aside by a southwest wind.

  6. These photos are truly making me happy! Happy spring to you! How I love those flowers...


  7. Love the birthday crown! And can't wait to get MY pin cushion in the mail! :D :D

  8. Gorgeous photo's! Those poor flowers! They're lovely but I wonder how they'll handle the (ick!) snow that's coming.

  9. Great birthday crown! I have been loving the signs of spring lately...but the temp is supposed to drop :(

  10. Yay for Spring!! Don't you just love it when they "want" to read. :-)

    All the fun Spring fabrics have a arrived at the store too...I spent "wandering" time around our local shop yesterday...and of course a little spending too. ;-)

  11. Love the pictures!! Oh and my pin cushion is awesome. Thanks a million.

  12. I get so excited to see kids reading.

    Plus -that floor cushion next to the couch is awesome. Did you make that?

  13. signs of spring - hooray! and i must say the birthday crown is adorable.


  14. Your house looks like a magazine!


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