Monday, March 21, 2011

Welcome Spring : :

We had a beautiful weekend to welcome Spring, a special few days where you can enjoy being out without a jacket and yet there are still piles of snow on the ground. (Today, not so much!) I took many photos -- of the kids so excited, happily embracing Spring in their own ways, of the Spring flowers breaking through the ground, of all the thawing, and mess that Winter has left behind. Those photos must have influenced my fabric stashing this weekend, right away I could see the similarities between a few of them. Can you?

: : Spring Fabrics : :
spring fabrics
Pots from around our old house. We brought them over from the old garage and set them here where they were quickly buried with snow. Soon they will be blooming Sedums, Blazing Star, Chives, Spearmint, Lavender, Bee Balm, and more...
: : Bright Fabrics : :
bright fabrics
I love all the color in this photo! She was whipping up a magic potion or possibly some stew for the fairies she's expecting this Spring.
magic potion -- drip
It is quite amazing how taking a snapshot of a moment can stay with you and influence you, without you even realizing it.
spring flowers
Happy Spring to all! ~ Maureen


  1. Lovely fabrics and wonderful pics! I absolutely love the last one. And your daughter mixing her concoction is so sweet -- love the drips!

  2. I love the fabrics! Where on earth did you get those bright ones with the birdies?

  3. Those fabrics are so pretty. Can't wait to see what they become.

  4. Yes! Welcome Spring. I didn't realize that we live (relatively) close! We are in PA too! I love the nature stew your daughter is making. Yumm!

  5. Happy spring! love the fabrics! I can't believe it's finally here. :)

  6. Beautiful pictures! I especially love those gorgeous fabrics!

  7. Love the fabrics!!!
    Happy Spring!!

  8. Happy spring!! I have never looked so forward to spring as much as this year. Unfortunately it's supposed to get back down to the 20s and 30s by the end of the week. I wish it wasn't so!

  9. Eeek - I have fabric envy every time I visit your blog =D Happy Spring!

  10. yay spring! love all the colors & pics :D

  11. Wow, so pretty!!! I love the bright fabrics!! The one on the left is SO cute.

  12. Love your spring fabrics! I have the blue and white one shown on top in green, and the the pale floral on the bottom (all in your first pic) and they are some of my favorites! Happy sewing!

  13. Hooray for Spring! ♥


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