Monday, February 14, 2011

♥ Happy Valentine's Day ♥ : :

I hope you all are feeling loved today! My husband and kids have really made this years Valentine's Day something very special -- the best one yet! We all had such a blast making our handmade decorations, warm hearts, and Valentine's, I'm sad to see it end. Hopefully they will embrace the next holiday with just as much enthusiasm.
Happy Vaentine's Day
A few special moments I captured from the crafting...
Owl Be Yours
Warm Heart
IPaper Heart
And, our favorite Valentine's -- project by Noodlehead, tutorial available here. The boys wrote their names in code ( if you're wondering what the numbers are all about :)
Love Mail Valentine's
Love Mail Valentine's
Love Mail Valentine's
Aren't they so sweet? Wishing you a great day filled with love!
me and my little Valentines


  1. i loove how those celery flower valentines turned out. your families valentines day sounds perfect.

    AND i haven't forgotten about getting back to you about that pillow party...i would love to touch base with you about it....just not sure if i can get my act together for my own pillows in time what with everything else going on. there i go writing novels again!

  2. Happy Valentines Day Maureen! They came out too cute!

  3. Too cute Maureen...all of them. I have to tell you too, I borrowed your celery painting idea in my preschool class this morning. We did a bunch of 3 roses, and then finger painted the stems, and thumb printed leaves on it. Adorable!

    Thanks for sharing a wonderful project!!

  4. Silas LOVED his m&ms valentine from K!

  5. I love all of these! so sweet! Sounds like the perfect day xo

  6. Kerri loved her little postcard valentine. I'm so happy that our kids are not only in the same class, but are friends too.
    Thank you for sharing the stamped roses idea- my Girl Scouts really enjoyed themselves.
    Wishing a happy Valentine's Day to your family!


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