Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Patchwork Desk Mat : :

desk corner
I have this old wood desk that I just love. I recently gave it new knobs and have been looking at all my favorite shopping sites in hopes of giving it what I'm calling a desk mat, or a desk pad or a blotter? I really wanted something in a fun and fresh print, like these office organizers and I haven't had any luck, at all! I started thinking and realized that all I really wanted was just a large place-mat, so...I got to work.

I measured -- My desk measure 22x42, but has rounded edges so I knew I wanted it to be just a little bit smaller than that.
taking measurments
I picked out the fabrics -- Anna Maria Horner's Innocent Crush. I've had these since October! I used a little on these aprons, but have been waiting for just the right project.
the fabrics
To make the patchwork design, I sketched out a little plan... (I'm keeping it old school here, I  have no clue how to do the fancy computer image breakdown just yet : )
the plan
My first cut into these fabrics was a little rough, it's that beautiful, I just didn't want to ruin it! But soon scraps were flying and Haila was making new hair accessories...
Haila's headband
I sewed...we ironed -- I promise you hers does not get hot, although it does spray water which is pretty neat...
my little worker
And soon we were finished! Here is the top...
the front
And the reverse side is a light linen with a little patchwork...
the back
We like it and I think Lily likes it, too...
Lily's desk


  1. That is gorgeous! I just got an old desk that I was thinking of refinishing, but this is a much better idea. Thanks for sharing!

  2. How lovely! I'm curious, though... is this for decoration, or do you actually write on it? I would imagine it would make writing a bit difficult, but I could be wrong. I've never seen anything like this and you did a beautiful job on it. =)

  3. I love this! It would look great on a coffee table too with glass over top :)

  4. Great project! And your daughter looks so cute in that picture!!!

  5. SO cute Maureen ( And I really like the cat!)

    Happy Tuesday!

  6. This is gorgeous and would be wonderful to protect my library table that I use as a desk!

  7. Ooh. I like this. What a great idea. So cute how Haila is your little helper.

  8. it turned out so beautifully! I could see topping our entry shelf like this. it would give it some personality!

  9. Beautiful patchwork XD And Lily looks so happy and satisfied sitting on top of it!

  10. That is so pretty! I think I might make some runners like this for my short book shelves.

  11. Love it! And I see Lily really likes it too.. soooo cute!

  12. found you by way of soulemama.
    this is Too Sweet.
    And the kitty too?
    Now I have to go make the deskpad AND get a cute kitty to go with it. ; )

  13. I'm glad you found the perfect solution to your wishes. it's lovely.

  14. very pretty! I may try this and order a piece of glass to fit over the top of my old desk!

  15. I definitely need one of these for my desk, but which fabrics to choose, I have so many lovely ones...

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