Wednesday, January 26, 2011

New Camera : :

Well, my new camera finally arrived! I was a bit worried when the estimated shipping date was between January 18th -- February 20th, but it made it's way to my front door on Monday. The battery was dead, of course, and after an over-night charge I've been playing around with it for the last two days and feel like today something finally has clicked (thank you Cynthia). I thought it was going to be easier to use than my ten year old point and click...why did I think that? So, here are a few of the photos I have taken so far...
: : : :

: : : :

So, now I am asking you friends to let me know your thoughts and to share any pointers (and/or links with helpful tips) you might have on taking pictures with a digital SLR camera.Thank you!!!

: ) Maureen


  1. Actually, I'm interested in what model you ended up getting. The one I picked up was less than desireable so I'm on the lookout for a better model.


  2. I wish I could call myself a photo pro and could offer you tips and great advice, but I'm sure there are some out there that will be willing and able to help you.

    I do like the way you've set up you shots, the arrangements are quite attractive and you've an artistic eye.

    My camera is a few years old now and is a simple little point and click Cannon Powershot A70. Not long ago the door/cover to the memory card broke off (this cover has a tiny nub of plastic that engages the camera, if the cover isn't completely closed the camera will not go on and pictures can not be taken). So my hubby put the door back into position and secured it with a thick rubber band in an avant-garde shade of purple. I had hoped Santa would have brought me a new camera but guess Santa is rather broke this year.

    Have fun experimenting with and learning about your new camera. :)

  3. well the photos look great, very clear and crisp! i can't think of any one thing to say about digital slr's as i've never been lucky enough to own them, just used them in my photo internships in college. they can do so much though so that manual will be your best friend.

  4. looks great so far!
    Suzanne at Privet and Holly has been taking a photography course and is sharing what she's learning next week. If you haven't visited her blog, here it is:

  5. Wonderful pictures!! So crisp and clean looking. So happy to help...actually I didn't do was all you babe :)

  6. photos look great! This web page has lots of helpful information on using your new's

    Hope it helps:)

  7. Okay I confess, I'm normally a lurker. Sorry. I do love your site (and your work) though, so much that I send links of your posts to my needlepointing/quilting friends. I have no such experience but I do have a little with a camera. My first tip would be avoid using the built in flash. Turn up up the iso instead to 800 or more and use a window for a softer effect. If the shadows get too deep (opposite the window/lightsource) and you need some extra, get a white card (poster board or foam core or even a mirror) and use it to bounce the window light back into the dark side (or wherever you like). You can also use lamp light or candle light the same way. If you do have an off camera flash point it toward a nearby wall or ceiling. Keep in mind that light bouncing off of a green wall - will be green etc. Your camera will have settings for different lighting situations. You'll have to experiment with them, sometimes they work great and other times it's better to use an automatic setting. Look forward to seeing your stuff and btw, I really love your sewing room too. What a treat.

  8. OH they look super I am a complete camera idiot so I've no good advice except not to use the flash! Enjoy your new camera!

  9. i would say just take tons of picture and have fun!

  10. I have GOT to get me a new camera as well. Looks like you got a great camera =]


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