Thursday, January 13, 2011

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It seems as though I got a little ahead of myself with the "happy to be back" post. As soon as I declared that I was getting back to work, the nastiest of flues swept through our family. It's been keeping my days busy and me up most nights for about a week, but has helped us settle into this new house in a deeper way. We're finding a {our} comfort here that only laying around the house, taking care of each other, while surrounded by lots of falling snow can bring. It's nice, we like it.
Home Is Where My Heart Is Pillow
Today I'm going to try to find the sewing time that I have been craving so badly, since I've had my new studio room all unpacked. I'm making many new pillows for my Mom.
I'm hoping to have some pictures to share tomorrow. Until then...
: ) Maureen


  1. glad you're finding your new place more homey. Sad that you had to get to that place through the flu. Hope everyone is on the mend and you get that studio space all broken in

  2. Feel better we had bronchitis for a month by the time everyone got it and got over it - it's exhausting! Ridiculouslly cute pillows!!!

  3. oh. i feel as though this flu season was horrible. everyone was getting sick and more than once it seemed. hope you are all better now. love love that second pillow. :D

  4. Glad you like the snow. Do you want some of mine, please? Great blog!

  5. So sorry to hear you've been under the weather! That darn flu really takes a grip! Hopefully you'll bounce back soon.
    Loving the pillows and the fact that your sewing room is all unpacked even though you just moved! Now that's what I call getting your priorities straight! :)
    You'll have to share some pics of your new place...

  6. Hoping you are all well in no time
    at all.


  7. Wonderful pillows...especially love the top one.
    Hope you all feel better soon...sounds yucky!
    Glad to hear that you like you're new place!!

  8. I love the pillow with the little bird on the house! So cute. Hope you feel better!


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