Friday, January 14, 2011

Pillows and Inspiration : :

I finished up the last of the pillows for my Mom's basement sectional last night. As I mentioned here, we are going to go room by room and update her house a little -- and I am very excited about this project! She's having each room painted now and then we get to shop for new fabrics, that I get to turn into pillows and hopefully maybe a few curtains panels. These home decs are all from Joanne, but you know I'm going to work her until she agrees that one room gets a little Anna Maria Horner.
I've been feeling very inspired lately by this beautiful window in this new house. It's one of those things that I find myself staring at for quite awhile each day.
The light is so very beautiful and the pattern has been making me think of giving that very first quilt of mine another try. Is that strange?
The details are so neat and special...
It's just like looking through a kaleidoscope.
Very inspiring indeed. Wishing a happy weekend to all!
~ Maureen


  1. How funny that I am looking for inspiration today too! I love the reds and browns in the pillows!

  2. I love the pillows and the stained glass is awesome! Have fun sewing! I am making 3 pairs of curtains today with appliques to match a kitchen decor.


  3. What a beautiful window! I've always wanted one like that in my house. You're doing a wonderful job with the pillows.

  4. Hi Maureen, saw you on etsy and love your blog!
    Judy K.

  5. The fabric on the top pillows is very pretty, nice color palette !

  6. Soo pretty Maureen! I used to babysit in a fantastic old house with windows like yours. Could stare at them for hours - it would make a pretty sweet quilt!

  7. I love your windows! I remember when we first moved into my house I was always taking pictures of my stained glass. Isn't great where we find our inspiration?


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