Sunday, October 10, 2010

Sewing Together : :

Ever since I began sewing back in March, my kids have shown a real interest in wanting to learn, too. I let them play with the different stitches on scrap fabrics, help me wind my bobbins, and even press the pedal from time to time when I am working on a project. They have made a few little simple pouches to hold their cards or change, but that's about it. They are always asking to use my fancy, designer, no (well, not yet anyway :).... but, they are definitely ready and wanting to take that next step.
So, on a rainy afternoon this past week, we came up with this fun little sewn paper garland project. {The photos are dark, because the day was so very dark --- but this was too fun not to share, the kids really enjoyed it and were SO proud they were sewing.}

Here is what we did : :

First, we used some of our favorite scrapbooking paper and large paper punches to cut out their shapes. Super easy, even for my little 3 year old to do, as she would say "All by my big self." 
I recommend paper that has a print on both sides (although we used both.)
Be sure to leave a long tail at the beginning and the end to hang your garland when it's finished.
My job was to "help" feed in each punched paper piece, one right after the next.
My children controlled the pedal...slow and steady (and such a great way for them to get comfortable with it.)
And, once my oldest did, he insisted he could do it all by himself...he was right!
I explained to them that we needed to start small at first then build into our bigger ideas as we learn... 
Project by project, step by step, slow and steady, together.


  1. Wonderful - it's great to get the boys interested too - just watch out - he'll be wanting his own machine for Christmas!

    Jane :D

  2. I have made very similar garlands and they are so quick and look so great- so nice to get the smalls invloved!

  3. that's great! love it! would be fun to make garland to hang on a christmas tree! cheers, jeanette at

  4. Thanks! The pictures aren't the greatest, but it was a lot of fun for all of us!

  5. How fun! What a great way for kids to practice sewing... the project turned out super cute!

  6. what a great idea - that garland is so cute! I learned to sew from my grandmother as a child and have cherished those memories and having that knowledge now that I'm older. It's such a great thing for every kid to learn! :)

  7. Aren't you glad they have a desire to be creative? It looks like everybody had fun!

  8. What fun :)

    I love it when kids show an interest in sewing.

    My kids all made age spec. quilts one summer.

    It was so much fun and they still use them 10 years on :)

    Love the pics :) T.

  9. Wow thats an AMAZING idea! LOVE IT!!!


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  10. What a GREAT idea - my youngest is DYING to get his hands on my sewing machine ( he's 7 ) but I have been afraid to let him near it but this would be great for a Halloween decoration - I may just try it!!!

  11. What an adorable post!!! I wish Julia would like to learn sewing, but she really is such a tomboy and doesn't have an interest. I did get her to crochet some chains a while back. She wears one as a necklace to school. :)

  12. Cute project- it looks like the kids had tons of fun!

  13. You are a great teacher! Awesome idea! I miss you, sorry it's been awhile work has been crazy busy.

  14. I love when boys get interested in crafty thing...and moms that allow them to create and explore! There are some awesome quilts out there made by guys. Maybe you're planting the seeds of creativity!


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