Thursday, October 7, 2010

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Well, last night I finally decided to start a business page for Maureen Cracknell Handmade on Facebook. I have had my group page for more than a year now -- that has grown to 925 people, where I have shared many photos (from the very beginning), good news, received wonderful comments and photos of children who have received my handmades as gifts, and much, much more. I started the group page with the encouragement from my closest family and friends as a way to share what I do, (the same one's who encouraged me to start this blog), not knowing that a business page is what I should have started (silly me).

So here I am...
Saying "Hello!" from a new place, asking you to visit me there, too.

I have added a little click "like" button to the right there...Be sure to visit me and let me know where I can find your facebook!

p.s. The sun is finally shining again in Potter County, I hope it is wherever you are, too!  : ) ~ Maureen


  1. Wishing you good luck on your facebook business page!

  2. Hi Maureen -- I thought you might be interested to see my blog post on the Handmade Pledge (mentioned you too!!)

    ♥ Sarah

  3. Very best of luck with your new page. I love all you gorgeous dolls, you're so clever!

    Jane from:


    Take care, Jane xx

  4. Congrats on your new FB page. :) Your doll is adorable!

  5. Found your blog from Kristins craft corner! I love your handmade projects!! You do such fun stuff!! I am excited to start following you!!

  6. Thanks for the well wishes everyone!

    Melissa -- thank you for the sweet comment and for following!!


  7. I just recently started my facebook page and had no clue how to open it. I opened a fan page as a visual artist. If you have a moment, I would love for you to tell me what the differences are in these types of pages. I'm still a bit confusled.
    ok I am off to view your page!

  8. love that little garland...and am following/liking/whatever you call it on facebook now! :)


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