Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Pledge.For.Everyone : :

I took the pledge --- Will you?
MCH --- Custom Bohemian Style Apron
In honor of American Craft Week and as we near the Holiday season, the Handmade Toy Alliance is asking everyone to pledge to buy just one handmade item this year. If everyone made the pledge to buy just one hand crafted product for someone on their gift list this year, think of all the thousands of businesses that will grow and nourish our communities.
New fall yarns on a rainy day
Being a proud hand crafter of Eco-friendly Felted Toys, Maureen Cracknell Handmade, and a lover of handmade goods, I of course think this is a fabulous idea! : ) You can sign the HTA's online pledge form below. Feel free to share this post on your blog, facebook page, and twitter too! Let's work together and do our best to make this pledge a success!
MCH --- Custom Heart Felt Owl Doll

Leave me a comment to let me know you took the pledge and please add a link to your own or your favorite online shop for handmade goods and crafts!


  1. Okay...I am taking the pledge....buying two owls from you. Sent you a message on Facebook!

  2. I like this pledge, and I love handmade!

    I like http://efreeme.com to shop for handmade stuff - there are no fees or commissions so the sellers themselves can make more money for all their hard work!

  3. this is soooo nice....i will be needing your info since you won the booties:) thanks

  4. Maureen,
    Thanks for the heads up! I just took the pledge! It's great idea! Here is the link to my own handcrafted jewelry shop; http://carolsjewelryorchard.etsy.com

    Thanks, again!

  5. love this pledge.
    95% of all my Christmas gifts are handmade, either by me or bought locally / etsy; it's something that i definitely believe in. :D

  6. Just took the pledge! What a great effort to support handmade and artists :)

  7. This is such a great idea!! I will be buying or making homemade items for Christmas.

  8. Hi Maureen - I took the pledge! Won't be hard to do 'cause I always buy handmade! Absolutely!!

    Link to my shop:

    Thanks! and I'll share!

  9. i took a pledge similar to this (http://www.buyhandmade.org/) a year ago or so...GREAT idea that i still hold to for holiday shopping and year round as much as possible!


  10. lovley blog, took the pledge too :)
    also love the fox pillow cover


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