Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Celebrate the Boy : :

I remember seeing Celebrate the Boy (by Dana and Rae) this past January when I first really started blogging and thought of it again this week when I began work on a custom order boy owl doll. I realized then that most of the things I have shared here have been things made for Haila and myself, ya know "Girly things." Which made me think --- I better get busy on some boy projects!

The truth is, up until I had Haila 3 and 1/2 years ago, I was constantly making "boy things." I just didn't have a computer, the internet, and a blog to share those things on. Now that they are 7 and 6 they seem to insist on making their own things, their own way. If I am to make them something, they seem to have almost complete creative control over whatever it is, ahem. I've decided I am going to do my best to make more "boy things" to share here, to "celebrate the boy" each week by making some new things for each of them and maybe a few boyish things for my shop.

Kaiden and Jacob already started working on their list which so far includes :
1. jet pack
2. new pillow (of Kaiden's own fabric design)
3. scuba diving suit
4. evil squirrel mask

...this should be interesting! : )

I already began work on a few things that "I" think they need, but before I share those....I have a few more "girly things" I'm just finishing up. lol

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  1. hehe- evil squirrel masks sound interesting! I can't wait to see.

  2. I agree the evil squirrel mask sounds intriguing, you may be onto something there. :0)

  3. Ha, I'd like to see the evil squirrel mask. :)

  4. I want to see the evil squirrel mask.

  5. It's great they want to make their own things. My daughter was like that and now she she's in fashion design! You never know what list they have will lead to!!! :)

  6. I am thinking the Evil Squirrel Mask might have to be made. :D The list is being revised after having a little chat about Mommy's abilities and realistic expectations, ahem.

    There is a story there behind the evil squirrel mask, I'll save it for when it is made and shared here.

    p.s. - The "B" embroidery is a library tote bag in the works - ya know, something "I" think they need that they think is boring. lol

  7. Your handmade items are fabulous. Can't wait to see the evil squirrel mask.

  8. hahaha ! I know my guys would TOTALLY love an Evil Squirrel Mask !!! Yeah for boys !!!ing

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