Friday, June 4, 2010

It's a Hoot : :

I was so inspired by the designs of  pepper stitches and all that is over at feeling stitchy for us to gawk at, that I decided to get busy on a new embroidery of my own. I am still waiting on the fabric (which should be here today : )  for the vw bug pillow in the works....
But what I do have is about a yard and a half of this It's a Hoot fabric by Alexander Henry. How adorable and so very perfect for this lady, who loves to make owls. It was a wonderful gift and I have been waiting for the right way to use it.
And, so I began working on my own simple embroidery these last few days. I hoped it would make a lovely little pillow and a wonderful way to finally put a bit of this owl fabric to good use.
While sitting on the porch, stitching away, I realized that embroidering like this is the perfect project to be doing on a beautiful week like the one we are having.
Where everyday, all day we are outside or going somewhere. Hopefully, there will be lots of summer stitching in the upcoming months.
It took me a few days to finish. It's actually a very large pillow, I should probably measure it.
I wish I would have made it an oval shape, rather than cutting around the shape of the owl, not sure why I did that, but I suppose I can just make another.
Thank you chunkychookypepper stitches, feeling stitchy, and Cynthia's Mom for the inspiration and fabric!

Wishing you all a lovely weekend! ~ Maureen


  1. It's adorable!!! I was wondering...what kind of pencil do you use for drawing your pattern onto the fabric?

  2. Thank you Dylan! I just use a sharp #2 pencil. I sketch it on very lightly, with a thin, straight line. I am certain there is a pencil out there made specifically for embroidery, but I have always just sketched the image onto the linen.

    Have a wonderful weekend!

    ~ Maureen

  3. Thank you! I'd had the urge to just use a pencil but was afraid it would smudge or that there was some reason this would be a terrible idea. It CERTAINLY has not affected your work in any negative way so I'll be giving it a try :-)

  4. beautiful! i love the illustration-esque inspired embroidery you're doing lately!

  5. Thank you! I am making another owl right now, so I can turn it into the oval shaped cushion I wish I would have made in the first place. And, I just started work on a scissors embroidery - I found the best fabric and had to do it. Chunky Chooky commented in the last post that "anything looks good stitched"...SO true!

  6. that owl is just precious. You've got me all inspired to draw more designs now! thanks!
    x Pepper

  7. Love this !!! Translates into stitches beautifully !!!


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