Thursday, May 20, 2010

Arghhh : :

I just finished this little pirate doll yesterday. Actually he isn't very little at all, about 25" from head to toe. He has been in the works for a while. I started knitting him when there was still snow on the ground, but you all know how the owls have taken over. He and his dreadlocks felted up nicely and I am oh so happy to have him finished. He isn't the gnarly pirate villain that I would want to have, but the boys love him and already want one of their own -- with a few little tweaks, of course.

Even though he has a peg leg, an "injured" eye, and a skull 'n' crossbones on his chest - he is just so stinkn' sweet! More of a little boy dressed up as a pirate, than an actual pirate, I think. I may add a few more details, I'm thinking he needs a little parrot friend. I may have to keep my eye out for an old wool green sweater that I can felt up and use for that. Stay tuned...

Best Always ~ Maureen


  1. So so cute - and a very creative design!

  2. So so cute - and a very creative design!

  3. Love it!! He kind of looks like Jacob...great job. I think a parrot is a wonderful idea.

  4. Thanks everyone! He was really fun to make and I actually wrote down the pattern. : )


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