Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Works of Art : :

My works of art -- Jacob, Kaiden, and Haila --- A local newspaper is doing a story about my work and an art exhibit I am working on putting together to showcase artists from the town (and surrounding areas) I grew up in, Coudersport, Pa. I did my best to get a picture of my three little one's with some of the items I have made for them and others hanging around the house. As use to getting their picture taken as they are, it's not easy getting three kiddos to look at you, all happy, all at once.
While I was in Philadelphia this past weekend, we visited the Philadelphia Museum of Art. I took many pictures of the pieces that spoke to me, I planning on sharing some throughout the week. The first one that really grabbed me was Mary Ellison Embroidering, an oil on canvas, dated from 1877, by Mary Cassatt.
With all the stitching I have been doing lately and all the hand embroidered items I love seeing around the web - as old as this painting may be, it seems more relevant, to me, than ever.
I love feeling a connection to work as old as this, through the crafts I am learning today. Timeless and priceless.


  1. Your kids are of course your greatest work of art! It's a wonderful photo of them all. Congratulations on being featured in the paper!

  2. I just found your blog & I LOVE your work! The owls are particularly my favorite.... :)

  3. Your kids look very happy! And they should be... they've got you as a mom! =) Very cute.

  4. Shiny Go Lucky ~ Yes they certainly are! Thank you!!!

    Zasra ~ Thank you for joining me here. I love getting comments so don't be shy!

  5. the philadelphia museum of art is one of my favorites.

    and an article, and an exhibit...congrats!!


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